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Ikea and Kinetic India give new definition to OOH media

The plain brown curtains at the ladies frisking booth were replaced with real Ikea curtains at Hyderabad airport. The spaces on the window panes inside and outside the booth were also taken up to introduce the collection with a short message

Furniture and home accessories brand Ikea is giving ‘A tribute to India’ through ‘Anglatarar’, a textile collection inspired from the synergy of Indo-Sweden cultures.

The brand put two in-house designers to work on the designs, creating a new collection that showcases the collaboration of the two countries.

The collection lavishly used Indigo as one of the colors, bringing out its relevance with Indian history. The ethnicity and livelier designs were fitted in a vast range of products, right from its living room to the bedrooms. With this concept, the real challenge for Kinetic India was to display this whole new collection in a unique way, which will not only help the consumers to relate to the brand but also redesign their comfy spaces in a calming Indian avatar. So, the agency decided to create a new media exclusively for this collection.

Airports are the new busy transit points and what better way to experience the product directly by the consumer. They thought of replacing the plain brown curtains at the ladies frisking booth with real Ikea curtains. Now, this is a spot every lady must go through when in the airport and is also visible from the men’s security zone. Hyderabad Airport welcomed the initiative and brought in all necessary approvals after a few rounds of discussion.  

From the three designs submitted to the airport, one was approved, and a sample mock-up was done to understand the final look of the media. The spaces on the window panes inside and outside the booth were also taken up for introducing the collection with a short message. Over a period of two weeks from the design and sample mock-up approval, the curtains were stitched and installed at all the frisking booths. With this, the refresh button was pushed, and the airport ambience was given a surprisingly new look. It became talk of the town and the online search about this collection and the brand started increasing drastically.

Anisha Agarwal, External Communications Manager, Ikea India, said, “With every communication that we develop, our ambition is to execute it with the most innovative mediums and discover touchpoints that people interact with. This specific activity of using the Anglatarar curtains at the frisking booths will give our audience the touch and feel of the collection.”

Commenting on this innovation, Charanjeet Singh Arora, Co-CEO, Kinetic India, said, “First of all we would like to thank Ikea for giving us this wonderful opportunity. We love working on briefs from Ikea because our teams get absolute clear details on the expectations and deliverables. It's a beautiful initiative of converting the female frisking zone into Ikea experience zone an idea which is simple, relevant and connects to the TG instantly.”

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