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Brands celebrate Mother’s Day with tributes, messages and exciting offers

From spectacular storytelling and heart-touching messages, brands are trying to win over mothers with their campaigns and make this Mother’s Day special for one and all

Brands are all set to celebrate Mother’s Day this year with an array of campaigns that not only speak on the mother-children connect but also the goodness of a brand and its products.

While Prega News of Mankind Pharmaceuticals boldly targets the regressive mindset of Indian families in its campaign #PregaNewsMeansGoodNews, Parle-G of Parle Products gives a tribute to mothers for the role she plays in her child’s life in its #YouAreMyParleG campaign. Newer brands such as Hopscotch and Seniority are offering a range of discounts for Mother’s Day on May 12 this year.

Biba, Big Bazaar, PTron, Panasonic have also rolled out their campaigns. Here’s how they connected with the mothers.

Big Bazaar

Participating in this mega celebration, Big Bazaar, India’s hypermarket chain, gave everyone an opportunity to gift their mothers a chance to host her first ever cookery show live. In order to encourage aspiring chefs and homemakers, Big Bazaar recently launched, ‘Cook Along’, a YouTube live show hosted by various popular home and celebrity chefs like Ripu Daman Handa, Varun Inamdar and Kabita’s Kitchen.

Making it special for Mother’s Day, Big Bazaar invited everyone to share the name of their mothers’ best-cooked dish. The winner gets an exciting opportunity to gift their mothers a chance to host her first ever cookery show live with Big Bazaar.

Big Bazaar’s Cook Along is a live cooking show that is hosted on the brands YouTube channel; Big Bazaar Food, every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday at 5pm.



Biba, an ethnic apparel brand in India, launched a stereotype-breaking campaign, #IAmAMomToo to celebrate motherhood. The new digital film extends the thought of motherhood in a unique manner, and explains how age defines a woman’s motherhood. The film cherishes and appreciates a woman's motherhood in multiple ways and not just in a mother-child relationship.

The film opens with a conversational setup, with the question, "What it means to be a mother?” The women in the film are aged from 10 to 35 years and each of them has a unique thought on being a mother. The interviewer then asks them if they are a mother. They all agree and reveal their babies which include not just a small child but also a cat, a start-up, a science project and a sunflower. In the end, the film encapsulates the message “We’re all mothers, in more ways than one”.

The film is conceptualised by Brandmovers India, and produced by Chalk and Cheese.



Seniority, an e-commerce website for senior citizens in India, has launched a new range of special products dedicated to mothers. The products, developed in collaboration with illustrator Neha Rawat Battish, capture the eccentric instances the brand frequently experience with mothers. The company has launched an integrated brand campaign #SameAsMaa to resonate the quirky moments a child have with their mothers and how a child imbibe those qualities to become just like them.

The special range of products include notebooks, fridge magnets, keychains, coasters and mugs and reflect designs which mimic typical characteristics of mothers such as their obsession with cleanliness.

Prega News


Prega News, a pregnancy detection kit, manufactured and marketed by Mankind Pharmaceutical, has launched its new campaign #PregaNewsMeansGoodNews, targeting the Indian families and their regressive mindset. In the campaign the brand requests its audiences to wish for a healthy child, irrespective of their child’s sex. The campaign has been conceptualised and executed by ADK Fortune.

Gender inequality is a pertinent issue prevailing all over the world; however, its presence in India is far more complex. The preference for a boy over a girl has been deeply instituted in the Indian minds, which lead to nothing but grave consequences that curb the nation’s growth. But, with this new initiative, Mankind Pharma hopes to bring a change in people’s outlook.


Palred Technology’s subsidiary brand PTron, an electronic and mobile accessories company, offers a range of discount on its speaker segment to gift the music-loving mothers.

PTron’s latest Musicbot Mini is a small, light-weighted, stylish Bluetooth Speaker which comes with best of features at Rs 656.



Parle Products, India’s manufacturer of biscuits and confectionery, launched a digital film #YouAreMyParleG, celebrating the eternal love of a mother. The digital film honours moms who wear many hats and leave no stone unturned to make their children’s dreams come true. The key objective of this campaign is to appreciate mothers who are strong and don’t let the harsh realities of life impact their children’s dreams and hopes. The campaign is conceptualised by Ghungroo Films and Entertainment.

The film captures many struggles of motherhood and the strength that moms have to go through time and again only for their kids. The film showcases the daily life of a working mom.  Right from waking her son for school, to preparing delicious tiffin and then dropping him to school, the mother does it all. She then rushes to her workplace and begins her day. Parle-G becomes an integral part of the narrative with an insight weaved in the story on how mothers introduce this brand to their children at an early stage of life by mashing it in milk and giving it as baby food to how it is a constant companion in their household through the years.

#FirstStylist, a kids fashion brand in India, launched a campaign #FirstStylist for a child’s first-ever stylist, his/her mother. The campaign will be initiated through a video inspired by the latest trend, where a mom will share her story of her child being her muse through the rap song.

The thought is an ode to the fact that mothers play the role of a child’s very #FirstStylist. Right from putting up the matching accessories, the right shoes to complete her child’s outfit, she always ensures her kid are suited and booted just right, no matter what the occasion is.


With Mother’s Day just round the corner, Panasonic says bring a smile on your mother’s face by bringing home Panasonic’s exciting range of home appliances, hair styling accessories, headphones and grooming products.

The brand further tangles the products with their usability by mothers:

·        Give her a ‘good hair day always’ with Panasonic’s hair styling products.

·        Let her hair down and make her feel beautiful with all-purpose Hair Styler EH-KA81.

·        Let her have the cake and eat it too! Cook for her with Panasonic’s microwave oven — Panasonic Convection Microwave Oven NN CT364B.

·        Pamper your mother with Panasonic’s Daily care kits like Daily Nail care kit.

The brand further introduced exciting offers on its segment of cameras, home theatres and bluetooth speakers.

Online travel aggregator EaseMyTrip, in partnership with ICICI Bank, is offering a set of deals to pamper the mothers this Mother’s Day with an objective to reach a huge consumer base.

To avail of the offers, customers have to make bookings using the promo code: MOTHERSDAY. Customers will get freebies from brands like Plantronics, Firefox, Portronics, Kalyan Jewellers, Anytime Fitness, Acnes, Rohto Cooling Drops, Peesafe, Mamacouture and Zoom Car once they book a trip with their mommies.

Voltas Beko


Voltas Beko, a new brand in home appliances, has launched a campaign, #TestedByRealMoms. The campaign is one such initiative that not only highlights and recognises the importance of mothers but also their roles as key decision-makers.

Through the 360-degree #TestedByRealMoms marketing campaign, Voltbek aimed to create a distinct brand voice for the women to understand their life, hopes, issues, desires and things that propel decision-makers in the family and talk in a language that resonated with her. Mothers don’t accept average for their family, they won’t compromise. This is why, before any Voltbek product was placed in stores, they were placed in various households across the country to be tested by these real moms.



Epson launched a campaign titled #ShesAlwaysWithYou. The campaign acknowledges the indomitable spirit of every mother that comes to the fore, particularly when her child faces adversity.

The insight, on which the film is based, is the universally acknowledged truth that moms will do whatever it takes for their children. The film delves into the relationship between a mother and her teenage daughter and is a slice-of-life story that is instantly relatable.

Gits Food


Ahead of Mother’s Day, Gits Food, an instant food maker, has launched a new video campaign that captures the warmth of a mother’s love and the magic in her handmade food.

The digital film narrates the story of a child in an orphanage, and how he seeks motherly warmth in his daily routine. From the time he is woken up to the warden’s call to getting ready for school, it encapsulates his conversations with God about missing a mother’s love in his life and wonders how the food made by her would taste. The Gits team will be serving their food across various orphanages this weekend to celebrate Mother’s Day and spread the joy of #TasteOfMotherHood.

Sunfeast Moms Magic

#MomsMagic #MothersDay

Sunfeast Moms Magic rolled a TVC campaign this Mother’s Day to explore a facet of a mother-child relationship. This year's film is a slice of a lot of people’s lives, away from home and mom. The film is an ode to all the moms away from home who fill their child’s lives with their love and warmth. The campaign is crafted by Team Ogilvy.



Spaces, a home linen brand from Welspun India, launched a #NoOtherLikeMother campaign on Mother’s Day. Striking an emotional chord, the campaign highlights how a mother’s heart is a space that welcomes all.

The video film applauds mothers for their unconditional love and abundant warmth. The film, conceptualised by 21N78E Creative Labs, begins with a mother who is sprucing up her son’s room and ensuring that every nook and corner of the room is clean, as the son is asthmatic. Eagerly waiting and excited to see him after three years, she wonders what her son would want to share with her. The son arrives with another individual and introduces him as his partner, thereby sharing the news of their engagement to his mother. The son, who was bracing himself for a tough reaction, breathes a sigh of relief to see that the mother is upset, not because he is engaged to a boy, but because he did not share this news with her earlier. The video ends with the mother welcoming the son and his partner and celebrating their engagement with a voiceover saying, ‘A mother’s heart is a space that welcomes all’.

Set Wet


Set Wet, Marico’s male grooming and hair styling brand, has launched its first Mother’s Day campaign “Sada Sukhi Raho” with a digital film series that strikes a nostalgic chord, urging young people to take a pause and call their mother.

The series of films is a heartfelt reminder of how mothers always look out for their sons and it is important to acknowledge her — probably your first-ever stylist, growing up. She may critique him but will always want the best for him. But as the times have evolved and as children grow up, this relationship with the mother is often unknowingly taken for granted. Set Wet aims to rekindle and celebrate this very bond.


For mothers who swiftly turn their heads the moment they hear the word ‘Mom’. This Mother’s Day, Zivame is celebrating Mothers and the special bond that their child shares with them. The brand has issued an offer Zivame surprise in the new range of ‘Mom and Me’ collection on the occasion of Mother’s Day.

Shoppers Stop

Shoppers Stop, an Indian departmental store chain, has exciting offers and exclusive services in-store, to pamper mothers and mothers-in-law on Mother’s Day.

This brand has also added a social initiative and asked mothers to give their sarees they no longer wear.  The sarees collected will be contributed to the NGO Goonj for its work with rural communities.

•           Rewear — good condition wearable sarees will be sent to women to wear.

•           Reuse — unwearable cotton sarees will be used for making reusable cloth sanitary pads.

•           Recycle — non-usable sarees will be shredded and woven into quilts, mats and multi-purpose reusable cloth bags.

The making of these products also provides livelihood to hundreds of women. Shoppers Stop will also be making a monetary contribution to support Goonj’s work on the sarees collected for recycling. 

SBI Life


SBI Life has launched a video campaign #MummyKahanHain, paying a glorious tribute to mothers and beautifully encapsulating the essence of new-age motherhood. Conceptualised by SBI Life and executed by WATConsult, the digital and social media agency from Dentsu Aegis Network, the film introduces the audience to the Mothers of ‘SOS Children’s Villages of India’ who are trained professionally to take care of abandoned and parentless children and raise them as their own. The two-and-a-half-minute film takes the audience on the journey of one such SOS Mother and the impact she’s had on the lives of 22 children under her love and care.

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