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Manoj Deb launches independent creative design agency VenaCava

Founded in January 2019, the team’s core members are Senior Design Director (Consultant) Soumitra Dasgupta and Senior Designer Komol Tandon, besides Deb himself


After specialising in creating brand identities for popular brands such as Inox Leisure and Insignia among others, Manoj Deb has launched his own independent ‘creative design’ agency, VenaCava. The agency kicked off its operation in Delhi in January this year with three people in the team. Besides Deb, the team includes Soumitra Dasgupta as Senior Design Director (Consultant) and Komol Tandon as Senior Designer.

Manoj Deb

Speaking on the agency’s focus, Deb, Founder and Specialist Branding Strategy and Design, said, “Since designing is my core strength, I try to put mine all into it. We focus mostly on design and its graphical representation. In the last three months, we have not only given the brands we have designed for the logo but a conversation start-up, meaning, ‘the designing quality develops thoughts and starts a conversation’.”

Deb said VenaCava was formed with an aim to offer design solutions to clients with an honest, fresh perspective and good designing. The name VenaCava holds a special place for Deb as it highlights the design studio’s ideology.

According to Deb, "The name VenaCava was kept by my daughter who was born with Ventricular Septal Defect. VenaCava in biological terms is the superior vena cava is the large vein which returns blood to the heart from the head, neck and both upper limbs. The inferior vena cava returns blood to the heart from the lower part of the body."

Speaking on the work, Deb said, “We recently finished some interesting national and international projects like a 650-page book for USISPF, which was presented to Narendra Modi. We also did the title design for an award-winning movie called ‘Half Song’. For JK Papers, we have done some digital films. Sona Papers has been our long-time association,  New Delhi Export House and Shalom’s new brand logos are designed by us and for Tupperware, we have done some exciting product designs as well as packaging."

In the last three months, the agency has worked with some top brands such as Tupperware, Veen and for many new emerging names.

Other than designing, the agency is also involved in branding, packaging and filming.

One of the agency clients Nitin Malhotra, Head Brand and Product Marketing, Tupperware India, said, "Manoj is a superb artist and has a very creative innovative thought process. Manoj has helped us create some really stunning designs in the space of graphics, packaging and visual communication. He works on design-oriented thinking creating an ecosystem around a concept."

Aman Gupta, Chairman and CEO, Veen Waters, said, “Manoj is an extremely talented designer and really gifted in the way he approaches a project.  I thoroughly enjoyed working with him and always look forward to his creations as he is able to take a thought or vision and convert it into a design that stands out and yet fit the brief.  Manoj has been instrumental in various design elements during our launch in India and also during the conceptualisation of our additional beverage portfolio.”

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