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How brands are making women’s voices heard this International Women’s Day

Another day when popular brands try a wee bit harder to wedge themselves into popular culture with newer ideas to drive home their messages

Brands are coming up with new and innovative campaigns centring around women to celebrate International Women’s Day. This time, themes such as championing women’s rights, female empowerment and gender equality are in vogue.

Like every year, this year too, Indian companies such as Truecaller, Greenply Plywood, Max Fashion, Bournvita and many more have empowering content to offer and celebrate the day on March 8, 2019. These empowering ad videos are a must watch.

Bournvita for Women: The Supermarket Surprise

Cadbury Bournvita and Ogilvy & Mather came out with a film to celebrate and surprise the women of today and to remind them  #Don’tForgetYourself. The digital film makes viewers question how the women who are taking care of the house, their children, husbands; often miss out on paying attention to their own health. The film ends with the nutritionist making the women promise that they will also care of themselves and lead a healthier lifestyle.  

The video:

Truecaller’s #ItsNotOK

Launching a campaign to raise awareness about harassment of women through mobile phones, Truecaller released the second edition of its Truecaller Insights report, “Understanding Impact of Harassment, Spam Calls & SMS for women”. The report said one in three women in India continued to receive sexual and inappropriate calls or SMSes.

To provide a counter-narrative to the current rise of harassment, spam and phishing calls to women, the campaign #ItsNotOK aims to challenge the current tendency to consider harassment calls and SMSes to women as normal.

The brand’s campaign platform

Edelweiss Mutual Fund’s #AdviceZarooriHai

Focusing on the importance of the right advice under the #AdviceZarooriHai campaign, the digital video idea stems from insights on women coaches in India, who fight a battle of their own against bias in society. The campaign is centred round the story of Bhakti Sharma, who broke the world record in 2015 by swimming 2.25 kms in the freezing waters of Antarctica.

The story goes to prove that the right advice can have the voice of a woman as well. Before this, a series of digital films were also launched, highlighting the importance of right advice in various aspects of life and in investing. The campaign is being promoted through digital and social media.

The campaign:


Produced by Passion Film India, the TVC celebrates the liberating quality of self-love and confidence by showing Kareena Kapoor Khan confidently and gracefully walking through a glamorous setting. The creative agency is The Shop and is produced by Passion Film India. The TVC will be broadcast on channels like E24, Music Studio, Star Sport, Zing, B4U Music, and ETC Bollywood among others.  

The TVC:

Sirona: ‘Rise up with menstrual cups’  

The video featuring Shibani Bedi aims to uncover the harsh realities of using menstrual pads. Highlighting the benefits of using menstrual cups, the video encourages women to go from ‘Down with Pads’ to ‘Done with Pads’. A bold and hard-hitting video campaign by promoting easy-to-use, stain-proof, durable and environment-friendly menstrual cups on the occasion of Women’s Day.

Illustrating how easy menstrual cups are to use and how they can change the way women perceive their periods for the better, the campaign sheds light on the major issues attached with sanitary pads.

The video:

Platinum Evara


The campaign celebrates brides who rethink wedding traditions that are irrelevant in modern times and redefine them into progressive ones. Conceptualised by Dentsu Webchutney, the campaign has launched the first-ever digital wedding on Instagram and Facebook Stories, aiming at giving wedding rituals a new meaning.

The campaign:



The school listing and reviewing website launched a campaign, making parents question the way they are raising their girls. Conceptualised by Isobar, #HerCourageLessons urges parents to relook at the lessons they are teaching their girls from a young age. Launched with a series of three films, each film throws light on a prevalent fear that parents unintentionally pass on to their daughters.

The films:

Greenply’s #StopSayingWomenCant

To create conversations around a purposeful, real and inspiring topic that motivates men and women to act differently when it comes to issues pertaining to women, Greenply has come up with #StopSayingWomenCan’t. Challenging the perception about what women can so or cannot, Greenply did a social experiment.

After inviting women to an art gallery, they were asked which of the objects on display were made by women. All guesses were towards clothes or food or other items. At the end, as a surprise, a video shows an all-women carpentry team from Archana Women’s Centre who made the wardrobe in which the items were displayed.

The video:

Max Fashion

Max has launched a women-oriented integrated campaign ‘Behen Kuch Bhi Pehen’. The campaign encourages women to leave the rules, judgements, and fears behind, and wear whatever they want to. The campaign has been conceptualised by Dentsu Webchutney and executed by Culture Machine.

The film:


Fairever with its digital campaign titled “What’s Next?”   celebrated the undying spirit of today’s women. The video showcases the willpower of new-age women across age categories, breaking the shackles of society and challenging the mindset that hindered their growth. The campaign aims to encourage women to take the next step in their career by attempting to do the unimaginable.

The campaign:

Alpino Health Foods’ #NoExcuses

Alpino Health Foods, the peanut butter brand, came up with a campaign, #NoExcuses, to raise awareness that health should be the key priority for women. Realising that most women drivers either neglect eating breakfast entirely or eat food with less nutritional value, the brand educated them on the importance of the first meal of the day and prepared peanut butter sandwiches with brown bread.

The campaign:

It is impressive that brands understand the importance of capturing the attention of their followers through meaningful marketing efforts. These Indian advertisements not only managed to deliver empowering messages, but also make the communication fun and direct. Happy International Women’s Day!

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