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Geometry Encompass, Hindustan Unilever come together for a clean and sanitised Kumbh Mela

Four campaigns were created for three of Hindustan Unilever’s brands. Active Wheel’s ‘Wheel Wash-o-Cycle’ ensured devotees used clean clothes; Lifebuoy’s stamp on hands with innovative ink and thalis reminded devotes to wash hands after using restroom and before meals; and Vim’s mirror-like thalis were a symbol of hygiene

Geometry Encompass and Hindustan Unilever joined hands to address the issue of sanitation at the Kumbh Mela in Prayagraj. Sanitation was one of the key problems faced by both organisers and devotees at the mega event where over 150 million people converged.

Geometry Encompass conceptualised and created four campaigns for Hindustan Unilever’s home and personal care brands, namely Active Wheel, Lifebuoy and Vim.

One aspect unique to the Kumbh is Kalpavas -- a 30-day period of living in austerity and following a fixed schedule to transform the inner consciousness, witnessed by over 20 lakh people living in tents. It was a big challenge for these Kalpvasis to wear fresh clothes every day. Active Wheel, which strongly believes in the concept of ‘Pehno Fresh and Socho Fresh,’ wanted devotees to ‘Think Fresh, by Wearing Fresh’. Thus, Geometry Encompass conceptualised a unique ‘Wheel Wash-o-Cycle’ -- a drum attached to a bicycle, which rotated on pedalling the cycle, recreating the function of a washing machine. Devotees simply had to fill the drum with water, add their clothes, sprinkle Active Wheel detergent powder, and pedal for 10-12 minutes, to get fresh, clean clothes, free of cost.

Two such Wheel Wash stations were set up at the Kalpavasi tent city, each with more than 20 installations of the ‘Wheel Wash-o-Cycle’, which uses no electricity, saves water, and can be easily used by anyone. Active Wheel also ensured adequate supply of clean water and drainage systems. Over 30,000 devotees were able to enjoy the comfort of fresh clothes during the Kumbh Mela. The brand has decided to donate the Wheel Wash-o-Cycles to nearby villages after Kumbh. Active Wheel will also train the villagers to make the machine themselves, thus reducing the effort needed for manually washing clothes and empowering women to realise their ‘Fresh Soch’. By these efforts, Wheel hopes to help women realise their own dreams and entrepreneurial aspirations, and even earn revenue.

Geometry Encompass took the agenda of ensuring sanitation at the Kumbh Mela a step further when they worked with Lifebuoy and conceptualised two innovative campaigns to remind devotees to wash their hands after using the restroom as well as before meals.

In the first campaign, they developed an innovative ink after three months of rigorous research and testing. The ink was developed into a stamp, which becomes an active reminder to wash hands. A visual red stamp was marked by over 150 Lifebuoy representatives on 10,000 hands every day. As the devotees put their hands under a tap, the stamp lathered into soap and helped provide superior germ protection, ensuring a hygienic stay at the Kumbh. Several attendees approached promoters to have their hands re-stamped. A total of three lakh stamps were used to wash six lakh hands over the 30-day activity.

Geometry Encompass and Lifebuoy also distributed thalis, which were engraved with a message -- ‘Kripaya pehle sabun se haath dhoyein’ (please wash your hands with soap first). The Lifebuoy branding was a part of the thalis distributed at meal centres, to be washed and reused, delivering the message to millions of visitors. Lifebuoy also addressed the issue of washing one’s hands after visiting the washroom by stamping the hands of those using public restrooms with an ink that had a layer of soap on it. The ink dissolved on contact with water, ensuring their hands were washed thoroughly.

Appreciating Lifebuoy’s efforts, ACMO V K Mishra, Nodal Officer Sanitation, Kumbh Mela, Prayagraj, said, “We appreciate the role played by Lifebuoy as ‘Swasthya Sehbhagi’ (hygiene partner) in this grand event to spread the message of hygiene and sanitation. We hope these initiatives will help drive a behavioural change among the masses.”

Geometry Encompass also highlighted the efficacy of Vim dishwashing soap by replacing mirrors in public restrooms with thalis washed with the brand. The plates were so clean and shiny that the reflective surfaces acted like mirrors.

Speaking on the successful conceptualisation and execution of these campaigns, Sukrit Singh, CEO, Geometry Encompass, said, “These campaigns are testament to a fulfilling two-decade partnership with HUL. I am proud that this partnership beyond the realm of advertising is focusing on behavioural change instead. We, at Geometry-Encompass, strive to create pivotal consumer experiences in all the work we do.”

Shankar Shinde, Managing Partner, Geometry Encompass, said, “Geometry Encompass collaborated with HUL to play a pivotal role in creating impactful, purpose-driven campaigns during Kumbh 2019, be it the Lifebuoy Hygiene Stamp that washes away germs and preconceived notions about personal hygiene and handwashing or the Wheel Wash-o-Cycle that inculcates the philosophy of ‘Pehno Fresh and Socho Fresh’. Fresh thinking is optimising the mundane task of washing clothes, encouraging women to fulfil their dreams in the time saved.”

Arpan Jain, Executive Creative Director, Geometry Encompass, added, “Being committed to inspiring action through behaviour and experience-led ideas, we’re constantly trying to move away from the idea of ‘sheep dipping’ people in a brand, and instead, focusing on creating behavioural change. While we recognise that habits do not change by just spreading the word; we also need to provide the right reasoning and tools at the right moment! With our Wheel Wash-o-Cycle and Lifebuoy Stamp of Hygiene campaigns, we are doing just that, providing consumers the right reasons and tools to enable a behavioural change.”

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