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Horlicks’ ‘Bottle of Love’ is full of mother’s touch to make children emotionally strong

In its latest campaign by FCB India, Horlicks empowers mothers to break down locational barriers and share a bottle filled with love, helping kids to better prepare for their exams

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Examsare the time when children need more than just nutrition to tackle stress and better prepare. Emotional support helps as students constantly battle immense pressure, more so when living away from their homes. Answering this silent call, Horlicks unveiled its campaign ‘Fearless Kota’ last year. The campaign successfully spread the message on the missing emotional nutrition in a student’s life and reunited mothers with their children, encouraging students to take on their exams fearlessly.

This time Horlicks is back with a brandnew campaign ‘Bottle of Love’, which now reconnects mothers with their children across the country. With the new campaign, Horlicks empowers mothers to break down locational barriers and share a bottle filled with love, helping kids to better prepare for their exams. Horlicks continues to deliver emotional nutrition to kids by taking the initiative nationwide.

The new campaign enables parents to share a bottle of love by registering on One has to fill in the details for request on the website, after which an empty bottle will be sent to fill it up with things that person wants to send. Horlicks will then deliver this very special bottle to their children and let love work its magic.

The new film plays out the real-life bytes of children talking about their journeys away from home and the emotional stress they undergo. It also shows mothers trying to relive the moments spent with their children and filling the Bottle of Love with goodies from home, which are then sent to their children.

Vikram Bahl

Vikram Bahl, Executive Vice-President Marketing, GSK Consumer Healthcare India, said, “We recognise the emotional stress in children during exam time and the need to provide them with emotional nutrition. Horlicks, as a brand, has always aimed at providing students the support they need to excel in all their endeavours. This time we went a step further with this campaign and launched it across India, in a bid to connect and reconnect children with their mothers.”

The campaign has been conceptualised by FCB Ulka.

Swati Bhattacharya

Swati Bhattacharya, CCO, FCB Ulka, said, “Almost every household in Bihar, Bengal and down South is home to a Horlicks bottle. There is hardly a house that doesn’t have one. And by using the bottle, using its body to be the medium of sending ‘emotional nutrition’ from mothers to the children battling exam stress, is the insight that forms the foundation of this film.”

The Film:


Client: Horlicks India (GSK Consumer Healthcare)

 Creative Agency: FCB India

 CCO: Swati Bhattacharya

 Creative Team: Abhijeet Ray

Accourt Management: Debarpita Banerjee, Shreekant Srinivasan, Vishakha Khatri

 Planning: John Thangaraj, Gurleen Pal

 Director (of the TVC): Veneet Raj Bagga

Exécutive Producer: Aanchal Bhargava, Anshul Jain

Production House: Onions Creative Media

TVC Details: Digital

Working title of film: Fearless Kota 2.0

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