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Brands get lovey-dovey this Valentine’s Day

As the day of love is here, a lot of brands have released television and digital campaigns to woo love-struck consumers. Here’s a look at some of them

It’s not easy to woo consumers on an occasion like Valentine’s Day. It requires a lot of creativity to do so, as brands wouldn’t really know if the consumers would spend money to buy a product or not. It also requires careful and discreet advertising. Yet there are a lot of brands who advertise without understanding the semantics involved. But there are others who do clever and emotive advertising on this day to latch on to the consumers.

Some brands are conducting surveys, holding events, some are petitioning, some are conducting contests, while some are doing the usual TV and digital campaigns that we see around.

Here’s a look at what some of the brands have done for Valentine’s Day:


Blink Digital has designed the KFC Bucket Bae, a Valentine’s Day robot that unites chicken lovers with the bae of their dreams. The robot not only follows the consumer but also talks to them. When it comes to satisfying the consumer’s love for KFC, Bucket Bae’s got them covered, offering a Hot ‘n’ Crispy bucket of chicken goodness, a chicken popcorn bouquet, and a Krushers drink too. Yet, what really sets Bucket Bae apart is the built-in sensor that allows the robot to follow the consumer everywhere, as true love does.


Platinum Day of Love:

To set the mood for this Valentine’s Day, Platinum Day of Love, a flagship programme of PGI India, has launched #EqualsInLove campaign, a collection of films that celebrate couples who meet each other halfway. The films are conceptualised and executed by Dentsu Webchutney.

The campaign is fronted by a collection of films that beautifully and meaningfully expressed this emerging resolve between couples, to meet each other half way.  From equally splitting the rent of a new home — something typically thought of as a man’s duty — to a man deciding that he wants to be a stay-at-home-husband, these films showcase how truly rewarding and liberating it can be to have an equal partner in each other. Making the love they share rare.



The Talk:

Parle Hide & Seek:

This Valentine's Day, Parle Hide & Seek has launched a set of quirky GIFs and stickers on, all of them built around the brand's messaging — Don't hide from the one you seek. These are fun, shareable GIFs that can be shared on WhatsApp and Instagram conversations. Parle Products has also released two 30-second digital ads around it.






Zomato, the food aggregator, has launched a campaign, which is made by MagicCircle for this Valentine’s Day. It describes Zomato as the new language of love wherein a couple comes together to meet the chef of a cafe to describe their love for her cooked food.



To celebrate the occasion and champion inclusive love, Uber, the on-demand ride-sharing company, has petitioned a ‘Pride Heart Emoji’ on Change.Org to Unicode Consortium, a non-profit corporation that develops Unicode Emojis. To celebrate love without boundaries, Uber’s route maps ignited in pride colours this Valentine’s Day.

Tata Nexon: 

On the occasion of Valentine’s Day, Tata Nexon has rolled out a video that talks about the brand’s current communication of #SafetyFirst in a humorous way. 

Conceptualised by WATConsult, a digital and social media agency under Dentsu Aegis Network, the social media agency for Tata Motors, the video shows a couple talking about their previous night’s ‘adventure’ using subtle innuendos such as ‘near miss’ and ‘I have the best protection’, with romantic music playing in the background. These hints have been used in a way that it can be assumed the couple is talking about accidents while being together, or while driving on the road. The video draws parallel with instances related to safety by communicating that people should keep safety first.



Borosil, one of India’s leading consumer products brands, is celebrating this Valentine’s Day, the first since the decriminalisation of Section 377, by showing their support for the LGBT community. The story, told through a film, makes viewers realise how Valentine’s Day, a clichéd symbol of love for most, could hold a completely different meaning for those whose love had been deemed ‘unnatural’ by the law for centuries. Thus, for those who have asserted their right to love after a long and hard fight, this Valentine’s Day becomes that much more special. For it is no more just a cliché but a symbol and a celebration of all love being love.



Titled ‘This Valentine’s Day, let’s do something memorable for our loved ones’; this video by Candere by Kalyan Jewellers begins with an old-fashioned household and a traditional family setting the table up for a certain occasion. A little while later the female protagonist enters the scene on having reached home after a usual day at work. What was supposed to be a typical family dinner time turns into a sweet little surprise, with the elderly couple gifting her a beautiful jewellery set to celebrate Valentine’s Day. It is only after the protagonist is referred to as ‘bhabhi’ that it becomes clear that she is the daughter-in-law of the house and the wife to an Army personnel, who is not present at the table.

This sweet gesture expressed by her in-laws indicates that the protagonist is not rendered alone on a special occasion as Valentine’s Day, and that she has a loving family by her always. This simple yet impactful video reiterates on the vibrant dynamics of different relationships, shattering stereotypes in a sweet and subtle manner.

The story throws light on relationships that are not romantic in nature by bringing a sense of love, warmth and belonging. It conveys the message that Valentine’s Day is not just meant for couples but instead can be spent appreciating all the loved ones in one’s life. Moreover, it emphasises on how one does not need to be in a relationship to enjoy this special day, and that every dynamic shared counts. Love is found in different forms, especially seen among families, who are the ultimate support systems. This video highlights the atypical bond and the modern values shared between in-laws beautifully, aiming to change the mindset of the society.


Bajaj Finserv Direct:

Taking the brand promise forward, Grapes Digital, the official digital marketing partner of Bajaj Finserv Direct Limited, came up with this Valentine’s concept where it talks about the wide portfolio of the brand and the quick deliveries and sanctions at Bajaj Finserv Direct Limited.

Moving away from the cliché, red and pink hearts, they used a heart shaped shelf that denotes a person’s heart with the miniatures of the various things that a heart desires. The idea was to show that whether it is traveling abroad or owning their dream home, Bajaj Finserv Direct Limited can fulfil all that a heart desires, quickly and in one go.

Lindberg Chocolates:

Lindberg Pure Belgian Chocolates, a private label from, has unveiled a heart-touching video as part of their new #LoveWillFindAWay campaign —  an initiative to address the different types of love and relationships that touch our lives every day. According to the campaign, real love comes in many forms and is not only defined by the intimacy between two young people. It also spans over decades and lasts even after one has lost their love.

Along with BigBasket Team, integrated marketing agency Team Pumpkin conceptualised and scripted the two-minute video film that shows us that real love is never easy; life happens and throws many obstacles our way, but it’s never too early or too late to take the plunge. Setting out to give a real message of love this Valentine’s Day, BigBasket’s Lindberg touches on a vast spectrum of emotions and issues such as distance, loss, grief, joy, hope and happiness. The film also highlights some unconventional stories like that of a same sex couple and the dilemma of a widow who finally decides to change her relationship status on social media.


Mother Dairy:

The core of Valentine’s Day is changing with generations and trends. Though it mainly revolves around the idea of celebrating love with your loved ones, But with changing times it hasn’t been restrictive to your partner but also your family members, friends or probably anyone you love.  Same sex relationships are now accepted with Decriminalisation of Homosexuality and abolishment of Section 377.

This year, with #ScoopsOfLove, Mother Dairy showcased that love sees no genders; it is pure love and has no boundaries. Along with socially acceptable relationships, they targeted the LGBT community this time. The campaign communicates the growing bond of love, with anyone of your choice. Now there is no need to hide, everyone can celebrate with pride and ice creams.

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