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Arré enters Marathi regional market with originals

With consumption moving to digital platforms, there is a large viewership and monetisation opportunity to offer Marathi digital viewers premium original content

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After the launch of its studio business, Arré is now making its foray into the Marathi regional market with a strong slate of originals, in collaboration with Reverb productions.  

The last few years have been a renaissance for Marathi films, television and music where creators have experimented with differentiated content and have seen exponential growth in the Marathi audience base. With consumption moving to digital platforms, there is a large viewership and monetisation opportunity to offer Marathi digital viewers premium original content.

Reverb productions (Reverb) has been creating high-quality Marathi entertainment content across web series, short films, music videos etc. including content for their rapidly growing YouTube channel Reverb Katta. Reverb brings with it a strong understanding of the Marathi idiom and viewer along with an established studio plus music production set up.

With this collaboration, Reverb’s regional content expertise and Arré’s unique creative sensibility,  wide distribution, and monetisation capabilities come together to lead the next wave of Marathi content.

The first series from this collaboration is Season 2 of Moving Out, Reverb’s successful hit series. Season 2 is set to launch on the Arré platforms and Reverb Katta’s Youtube channel on 12th February.

This will be followed by a slate of 4 original shows that will be exclusively produced by Reverb for Arré Marathi including Season 3 of Moving Out.  Besides, Arré is actively looking at taking its successful franchises - Official Chukyagiri/CEOgiri, A.I.SHA My Virtual Girlfriend, The Real High among others, into this market.

Ajay Chacko

Commenting on the association, Ajay Chacko, Co-Founder and CEO, Arré, said, “Marathi cinema and theatre have been at the vanguard of creativity and the talent in this market is exceptional. Besides, the Marathi regional audience is emerging as a large viewer base for original content on digital and I believe this is the right time for Arré Marathi to bring in cutting edge original stories that resonate with a new generation of Marathi speaking audiences. In Reverb Productions we see a great fit to create premium original content at scale and I’m excited about partnering with Abhijit, Shilpa and their talented team at Reverb.”

Abhijit Kolhatkar

Abhijit Kolhatkar, Founder and CEO, Reverb Productions, said, “The Marathi speaking audience is very discerning but also willing to experiment with bold new subjects and genres.  Reverb has always focused on creating and presenting culturally rich content in a very crisp and relatable manner.  We ensure that the content appeals equally to the smartphone generation as well as traditional viewers and their sensibilities.  With our collaboration with Arré we are looking forward to greatly expanding the viewer base.  While speaking to Sai, Ajay and the rest of the Arré team we realised that our vision was so aligned that Arré seemed like our own alter ego, time warped a few years ahead.”

Jaideep Singh

Jaideep Singh, Director, Arré, said, “Exponential consumption of regional content has opened up a large consumer market for national and regional advertisers. Our content proposition for Arré Marathi is going to further enhance our offering of original content to our brand partners.

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