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Applause Entertainment launches Mannphodganj, a comedy drama

The series is an adaptation of the book ‘Band Baaja Boys’ and the story revolves around 22-year-old Binny Bajpai, who challenges the customs and traditions of Mannphodganj

L-R - Alka Kaushal, Pranati Rai Prakash, Atul Shrivastava

Content studio Applause Entertainment along with DJ’s A Creative Unit brings a comedy drama titled Mannphodganj – an adaptation of the book ‘Band Baaja Boys’ by Rachna Singh.

Rachna Singh

The story revolves around a 22-year old-girl, Binny Bajpai, who challenges the customs and traditions of Mannphodganj, a small town near Allahabad (now called Prayagraj).

Amitosh Nagpal’s screenplay paints a picture of real-life families in small town India, who stand hesitantly, but promisingly, at the cusp of modernity. Pranati Rai Prakash, a popular fashion model, semi-finalist at Miss India 2015 and winner of India’s Next Top Model season 2, plays the central role of Binny Bajpai.

The series is directed by Vikas Chandra. The happy-go-lucky girl Binny Bajpai is the centre of attraction for the men of Mannphodganj. Her father Brajesh owns a lingerie store in town, which her mother Kumud had brought along as dowry. When Binny’s plan to escape the middle-class life fails, this classic tale of crisscrossed lovers becomes a bitter-sweet story of her infatuation-filled revenge escapade. Atul Srivastava, Alka Kaushal, Anurag Sinha, Farmaan Khan, Abhinav Anand, Kritika, Aru Krishank and Samar Vermani also play key characters in the show.

Sameer Nair, CEO Applause Entertainment, said, “Light-hearted, comedic family dramas allow us to push the boundaries of storytelling to get closer to the real issues that face modern India in its small traditional towns. Mannphodhanj brings together the perfect combination of a well-written script, a fantastic team of show runners Tony, Deeya Singh and director Vikas Chandra, and a wonderfully talented cast of actors.”

Showrunner Tony Singh said, “I always wanted to create such a light-hearted show and it has turned out to be a beautiful amalgamation of something that is fun, desi at heart and youthful while being real. It was wonderful working with the star cast of the show. And the brilliant writing and direction, as each episode unfolds, is sure to keep the audiences hooked onto the show.”

Director Vikas Chandra said, “Mannphodganj is a very light-hearted comedy show. I always wanted to direct a show which the audience can relate to and I am grateful to Sameer Nair, Applause Entertainment and DJ’s for trusting my vision. I am thrilled to work with such outstanding/gifted cast and can’t wait to have audiences consume it.”

L-R - Sameer Nair, Deeya Singh and Tony Singh

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