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Under Armour celebrates spirit of Indian Women Ice-Hockey team that writes own destiny

As part of the #IndiaWill campaign, the brand launches a digital film showcasing the untold ‘Story of Will’ of the national team, showing the contrast between the triumphs that looked impossible and the victories that will never be forgotten

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Human performance company Under Armour in its newly launched digital film titled ‘Story of Will’ shows one incredible story of the Indian Women Ice-hockey team.

In a powerful narration, the brand brings to life the story of the Indian team — talking about the many hurdles they face, showing viewers how they overcame each challenge owing to their will and determination. As the film says, “The girls did not just play Ice-Hockey, but they dared to write their destiny.”


Talking about their powerful story, Tushar Goculdas, Managing Director Under Armour India, said, “From everyday performers to world champions, Under Armour equips athletes with the finest sports gear to push their limits and challenge their potential. Our #IndiaWill campaign brings into limelight incredible ‘Stories of Will’ and in this edition we are privileged to present the story of the Indian Women Ice Hockey team. We support several Indian athletes and shall celebrate their unsung stories in subsequent chapters of #IndiaWill.”

Shot in the backdrop of Ladakh, the digital film starts by showing the contrast between the triumphs that looked impossible and the victories that will never be forgotten — celebrating wins of global athletes and Under Armour’s brand ambassadors. It then brings to life one such inspiring home-grown story, that of the Indian Women Ice-Hockey team. In a country where Ice Hockey is unheard of, the film shows glimpses of the team’s initial struggles, the many challenges they faced and losses against much stronger opponents.


In a hard-hitting narrative, we learn that the team started their training on frozen lakes with homemade equipment and hand-me-down protective cricket gear. From then to now, the film captures their journey, international wins and dreams of representing India at the Olympics. The story of the Indian Women’s Ice-Hockey goes beyond the sport to show their unwavering determination and will and how the team emerged victorious regardless of the defeats and challenges that came their way. In the 2019 (IIHF) Ice Hockey Women’s Challenge Cup of Asia (Division I), the Indian team secured a Bronze, after defeating Kuwait.

Receiving great support from Indian audiences who are inspired by the team and their story, Under Armour has seen over hundreds of consumers from across the country come forth and share their own Story of Will. In less than a week, the film has already received over a million views across the brand’s social media platforms organically.

Under Armour will support the team for their journey ahead, celebrating their will and never-say-die attitude that helped them write their own destiny. The brand has partnered with the Ice Hockey Association of India to provide the team with gear that will help them perform better and push their limits. 

The company entered India in March this year, inspiring millions with their #IndiaWill story. Driving their global mission to ‘Make Athletes Better’ in India, the brand continues to motivate, support and equip athletes across sporting disciplines and celebrates the power of their will.

The TVC:


Client: Under Armour

Creative Agency: Dentsu Webchutney

Production Agency: The Nota Company


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