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Aaj Tak earns YouTube’s ‘Diamond Play Button’

Aaj Tak has become the first and the only news channel in the world to have crossed the 10-million subscriber mark

YouTube has awarded news channel Aaj Tak with its 'Diamond Play Button’ as it becomes the first and the only news channel in the world to have crossed the 10-million subscriber mark.

Aaj Tak has beaten all its global rivals like BBC News, CNN, ABC News, etc. As on January 17, 2019, Aaj Tak has 13.07 million subscribers.

The award was presented by YouTube to the India Today Group last week. The 'Diamond Play Button' is the top honour awarded by YouTube, next only to the Ruby Button at the 50-million mark.

In a press statement, Aaj Tak said that this milestone achievement on YouTube by an Indian channel has put India right on top of the global news media map. “The fact that Aaj Tak is well ahead of the global peers, is a testament to the unshakeable trust and the phenomenal following the channel has relentlessly earned over 18 years since its inception,” the channel said.

Kalli Purie, Vice-Chairperson, India Today Group, said, “I am so proud that AajTak has won the YouTube Diamond Button, the only news channel in the world to have earned this award. The diamond button is not an overnight success, this is something AajTak has worked very hard towards. We first got the silver button, then the gold button and then finally we got the diamond button at 10 million subscribers. The journey doesn’t stop here, we are ambitious and we are moving ahead, trying and working towards now the YouTube Ruby Button that comes in at 50 million subscribers. And I am sure with the support of our viewers, we will get there too, and we will get there ‘Sabse Tez’.”

Susan Wojcicki, CEO, YouTube, in her letter lauding the Aaj Tak YouTube channel for this accomplishment, said, “We hope you will accept this Diamond Creator Award as a token of our appreciation and respect for what you have accomplished.”

In the letter, Wojcicki expressed her amazement at the magnitude of this achievement. She wrote, “The 10 Million Mark? At this point we are actually scratching our heads. How on earth did you do that? 10 million subscribers is not just a lot of people. It is more than the entire population of New York City!"

Citing that the Aaj Tak YouTube channel is no longer just a channel but a movement, Wojcicki added, “You have clearly touched a nerve in the world and you have found a legion of fans who expect and receive great things from you.”

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