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IDBI Federal Life Insurance talks about planning for different stages of life in its new campaign

The campaign by Orange Radius Arts Private Limited highlights the importance of availing of the right type of life insurance at different stages — be it getting promoted, marriage, having a child or planning for the child’s future

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IDBI Federal Life Insurance has announced the launch of a video campaign to create awareness about the importance of financial planning for the responsibilities accompanying each milestone in life.

Each of the four videos in the campaign, conceptualised by Orange Radius Arts Private Limited, highlights the importance of availing of the right type of life insurance at different life stages – be it getting promoted, married, having a child or planning for the child’s future.


The campaign targets customers across segments, from millennials who are navigating the struggles of early working life to parents who are concerned about fulfilling the dreams and aspirations of their children. Each video seeks to advise customers about investing in the right type of protection-oriented insurance solutions such as Term and Child Plans, while going through each crucial phase of life.

The video series addresses the life stage goals that every individual works towards, be it securing a promotion at work, saving and protection for one’s spouse while planning to get married, or securing the child’s future while starting a family. All these milestones bring responsibilities that require an individual to take the right financial decisions in order to achieve their goals. Through the videos, IDBI Federal Life Insurance assures customers that it will stand by them to share these responsibilities while they celebrate their milestones and #KeepMoving towards their goals.


The video campaign will run across the month of September.

Karthik Raman, Chief Marketing Officer and Head, Products, IDBI Federal Life Insurance, said, “In our busy lives, we manage multiple responsibilities, juggle different roles and pursue various aspirations. At the same time, it is important to secure our family so that both our personal and family aspirations go unimpeded. This campaign aims to make people aware about securing their future and family goals with early protection plans, while they look to create the life and lifestyle of their choice. This campaign is an extension of our #KeepMoving movement, where we encourage customers to be financially and physically fit and leave the worries to us.”



Client: IDBI Federal Life Insurance

Agency: Orange Radius Arts Private Limited

Creative Team:

Creative Director: Raveesh Mohan

Script + Storyboarding: Raveesh Mohan

Producer: Jayant Raj

Director of Photography: Emil Ashok

1st Assistant Director: Raja Dwivedi

2nd Assistant Director: Vikram Mehra

Direction Intern: Momita Das

Line Producer: Krishan Rathee

Production Manager: Raghav Verma

Photographer: Abhinav Thakur

Sound Recordist: Satya Narayan

Costume Stylist: Tanha Mehta

Costume Asst: Dipti Sharma

Production Designer: Ankur Asehkar

Assistant Art Director: Anuj Khirwar, Avani Nagda

Production House: Little Filmy

Director: Gaurav Mehra


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