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How Amazon is creating massive pre-release buzz around Manoj Bajpayee-starrer 'The Family Man'

A 360-degree media campaign, use of music and a whole lot of innovations on digital are ensuring that 'The Family Man', which releases on September 20, is on the top of mind for OTT viewers. In a conversation with, Vijay Subramaniam, Director and Content Head, Amazon Prime shares the show’s marketing strategy

After back-to-back successful originals such as The Comicstaan, Mirzapur and Made in Heaven, Amazon Prime is all set to launch yet another Original series 'The Family Man'.

The series is targeting the global audiences and is being released simultaneously in the US market.

Amazon has deployed a 360-degree media campaign, use of music and a whole lot of innovations on digital to ensure the Manoj Bajpayee-starrer 'The Family Man', which releases on September 20, is on the top of mind for OTT viewers.

Vijay Subramanian

With the promotions mainly focusing on the digital platform, the creators of the show are attempting to attract audience through a musical single, said Vijay Subramaniam, Director and Content Head, Amazon Prime.

“Every show comes with its own marketing plans and while taking into account the usual and the necessary matrix, I think it is also necessary to look at which segments of customers we are going after, who are going to be the fans of the show, and the creative itself of the show determines the marketing overall. So this one is a very important show for us, so we are practically using every medium, and while we do that we also pay importance to the digital medium, Subramaniam said.

Amazon is generating majority of the interactions through digital along with a lot of content-related marketing.

"We are a digital service, so there is a natural extension of the service itself within the digital media. Music is an integral part and important dimension of overall storytelling and it also a fun interactive way to always promote a story without giving away too many elements and it makes a great complement to a trailer. It is just another unique piece of content and our goal is always to create a very unique content, identifiable and hopefully popular," he added.

Subramaniam said Prime Video was using music very consistently to promote its shows.

"If you look at what we are doing consistently is always using music as an interesting lever to get people curious. Because the other interesting fact about music is that it is shareable. If a track is popular not only you will listen to it, but you will also want it to get a lot of social attention. Overall it’s a great companion," he said.

The series comes after the success of 'The Comicstaan' for which Amazon had mainly used social media for promotions.

Another successful story was Mirzapur whose promotion mainly took place through Mirzapur GIF campaign, which was based on popular Mirzapur dialogues, sentiments, expressions, that were created into branded GIFs which provided viewers the possibility to use them during their social media conversations and comments.

Mirzapur as a series had dialogues, scenes, and events that relate to the lives of the middle class, thugs and tier-II city teenagers.

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