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Lay’s amps up regional focus with new Lay’s Wafer Style, exclusively for Southern market

The launch will be supported by a marketing plan, including TV, digital and in-store visibility. It will be available in traditional, modern retail outlets across Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Karnataka and Kerala. The TVC is crafted by Wunderman Thompson India

Click on the Image to watch the TVC.

Lay’s, the potato chips brand from PepsiCo India, has rolled out a new campaign for their latest offering, Lay’s Wafer Style, exclusively for the South market.

As a part of this campaign, Lay’s has released a new TVC that celebrates South India’s new ‘Super’ Star, Lay’s Wafer Style – a new product that has been launched at the back of extensive consumer research and insights. A perfect meal accompaniment to the traditional South Indian dishes, Lay’s Wafer Style can be enjoyed in ‘Salt with Pepper’ and ‘Sundried Chilli’ flavours.


Taking cue from the traditional hand-made and home-dried pappadams that lend a crunchy texture to every traditional South Indian meal, Lay’s has launched Lay’s Wafer Style to tap into this ritual that is unique to this part of the country. While consumers can enjoy the flavourful crunch of Lay’s Wafer Style at any time of the day, the new offering is the ideal meal accompaniment for traditional South Indian dishes, including sambhar rice, rasam rice, dal rice, curd rice, lemon rice, palak pappu rice, and more.

Dilen Gandhi, Sr Director, Marketing, Foods category, PepsiCo India, said, “We at PepsiCo have always been driven to get closer to our consumers by offering experiences that are tailor-made for their personal tastes and preferences. We recognise that there is an opportunity to dial up relevance in snacks. The launch of new Lay’s Wafer Style is in line with our regionalisation strategy and we are committed to offer to the consumers relevant flavours and textures inspired by hyper-local offerings from across all regions of the country.”


He added, “South is an extremely significant market for us, and our insights show that chips and pappadams have a huge demand in the South as consumers enjoy them with their traditional meals. The initial response on the new product has been ‘Super’ and we are confident that Lay’s Wafer Style will become the new favourite among our consumers.”

Lay’s has conceptualised a new campaign to action the launch of this unique product. The campaign TVC features the wafer-styled chip as a meal accompaniment, providing a boost of flavours as well as crunch. In the film, a young boy is seen expressing delight when his mother informs him that sambhar rice is on the menu for lunch that day, much to the mother’s amusement. It then transitions to show that the mother is further puzzled looking at her son having a great time with his friends over a plate of sambhar rice. The film concludes by showcasing the secret accompaniment which enhances the taste of the traditional dish and adds the fun ‘crunch’ to an otherwise mundane meal with friends – Lay’s Wafer Style.

Senthil Kumar

Senthil Kumar, Chief Creative Officer, Wunderman Thompson India, remarked, “Our new Lay’s South TVC code named ‘Amma Mia’, is a fun, light-hearted film that plays with the fact that while youngsters seek variety in their meals, most moms stick to the tried and tested options when it comes to home cooking. As Lay’s Wafer Style chips are the perfect food accompaniment with thin wafers that stay crisp till the last bite, that ‘make every meal and awesome treat’ …we decided to have some fun with the youngster’s over the top reactions for sambhar rice and his mom’s growing intrigue over the joy he displays for what is considered a boring regular meal. The actors, the music, the lyrics and the location help build in South codes in every frame.” 

The launch of the new Lay’s Wafer Style will be supported by impactful marketing plan, including TV, digital and in-store visibility apart from a fun TVC.

Lay’s Wafer Style will be available at Rs 10 in traditional and modern retail outlets across Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Karnataka and Kerala.

The TVCs:






Client: Lay’s from PepsiCo India

Creative Agency: J. Walter Thompson

Vice-President Associate Executive Creative Director: Amitav Misra 

Snr Vice-President and Executive Business Director: Ritu Nakra 

Vice-President, Strategy: Arnab Chaudhuri

Account Executive: Shivangi Shubham

Production House: Chrome

Producer: Poonam Wahi

Director: Vijay Viramal

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