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IIFL Group unveils new brand identity

The new brand identity is a combination of logo, symbol, colour scheme, design and words that make a visual statement about IIFL and communicate its business philosophy

Financial services company IIFL Group has unveiled its new brand identity.

Speaking on the new brand identity, R Venkataraman, MD and Co-Promoter of IIFL Group, said, “Our corporate identity is a thoughtfully crafted and enduring symbol of how we view ourselves and how we wished to be viewed and remembered by others; including our customers, partners and stakeholders.”

“The new brand identity is a combination of our logo, symbol, colour scheme, design and words that make a visual statement about ourselves and communicate our business philosophy,” he added.

At the centre of the logo is the ‘Sri Yantra’, which is made of nine interlocking triangles, which together creates 43 unique triangles.

In Hindu mythology, the nine interlocked triangles that surround and radiate from the centre (bindu) symbolize the highest, the invisible and elusive centre from which the entire figure and cosmos expand. 

Our brand represents a cosmos in itself, where two worlds meet. One, where we together strive to grow and expand and the other, where we strive to make possibilities infinite for our customers.

It is the confluence of these two thoughts, represented by the age-old symbol of converging powers that stands as the face of the brand.

Founded by first generation entrepreneur Nirmal Jain as a research firm ‘Probity’ in 1995, IIFL Group has today metamorphosed into a successful financial conglomerate. IIFL has been a pioneer in the financial services space in India in many technological and product aspects and has established itself as a leader in wealth management, non-banking finance, broking and financial products distribution.

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