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Use Dr. Fixit and get rid of water leakage, says Amitabh Bachchan

Conceptualised by Ogilvy Mumbai, the three-film campaign featuring Amitabh Bachchan and aquatic creatures are humorous interplays symbolising embarrassments that one face when they adopt shortcuts. It advises people to use Dr. Fixit to avoid future costs and damage to their homes

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Dr. Fixit, from the house of Pidilite, recently unveiled its new campaign featuring actor Amitabh Bachchan, along with an interesting set of aquatic creatures. The TVC conceptualised by Ogilvy Mumbai urges home owners to avoid taking a shortcut while constructing their new home and engage in ‘total waterproofing’ with Dr. Fixit, to avoid future cost and damage.

The campaign addresses the shortcuts in waterproofing that people usually take while constructing their homes. It underlines the fact that skipping waterproofing can cost even more in the long run because of the damage that leakage and dampness can cause. It draws attention towards how Dr. Fixit ‘Total Waterproofing’ can safeguard your home and your investment from unforeseen embarrassment.

Vivek Sharma

Vivek Sharma, Chief Marketing Officer, Pidilite Industries, said, “Dr. Fixit leads in the waterproofing segment. People constructing new homes may have the right intention of waterproofing but often make the mistake of leaving it to others or ignoring it or cutting corners. This campaign featuring humorous interplay between Bachchan and aquatic creatures aims to nudge people in the right direction of seeking total waterproofing from Dr. Fixit.”

Piyush Pandey

Commenting on the campaign, Piyush Pandey, Chief Creative Officer Worldwide and Executive Chairman India, said, “Humans normally don’t change their behaviour when given lots of information but do so with an insightful and emotional nudge. In this series of interesting TVCs, Ogilvy and Corcoise team have done a fantastic job in providing the nudge through unique aquatic characters and humour.”


The campaign constitutes of three films featuring Bachchan and an aquatic creature symbolising embarrassments that customers face when they adopt shortcuts.

In the first TVC, the film opens with Bachchan playing himself. He is shown standing next to a turtle shell.  “Yahan hain Sharmaji…Sharmaji bahaar aayein na, apne hi log hain,” Bachchan says. It then showcases Sharmaji’s head popping out of the turtle shell.  Looking at Sharmaji, Bachchan explains that while constructing his new house, he opted for a shortcut and relied on others for waterproofing. He then looks at the camera and appeals to customers to use Dr. Fixit Total waterproofing while constructing your new house or else face embarrassment like Sharmaji.

In the second TVC, Bachchan is shown standing next to Makhija, a frog, speaking to the camera. Talking to Makhija, he says, “Makhija ji ne ghar banate waqt laparwahi ki, shortcut liya aur waterproofing nahi ki. Ab Makhija ji apne hi ghar me fudak fudak ke chal rahe hai.” Bachchan explains that if you don’t use Dr. Fixit while constructing the house, you have to face difficulties like Mr. Makhija and live like a frog in your own house.

In the third TVC, Bachchan is seen sitting in a waterlogged house and speaking to the camera, when an octopus’ tentacle creeps up his hand and takes away a cup he is holding. There he introduces ‘Guptaji’, an octopus appropriating many household items to catch water leaking from the ceiling. Bachchan then explains the importance of waterproofing while constructing a new house; otherwise life will be as complicated as Gupta.




Client: Dr. Fixit Team

Agency: Ogilvy, Mumbai

Creative Team: Piyush Pandey, Sonal Dabral, Talha Bin Mohsin, Mahesh Parab, Arnab Choudhury

Account Management: Vivek Verma, Pranay Merchant, Shraddha Upadhay, Yesha Shah

Production House:  Corcoise Films private limited

Director:  Prasoon Pandey

Producer: Cyrus Pagdiwala

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