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Clutter-breaking ads, consumer-centric approach helped us stay relevant, says Rohit Kapoor of Perfetti Van Melle

Kapoor chats with on Perfetti completing 25 years in India. Talking about the challenges it had to face in its initial years, he shares why Center Fresh is still relevant in the market and minds of consumers and why digital is gaining share in the brand’s ad spends

India is considered as the candy land as it is one of the fastest growing confectionary markets. When Perfetti Van Melle decided to enter the market in 1994, it was already captured by multinationals and domestic players like Nestle and Lotte. The challenge for the company was to differentiate its offerings from competition and at the same time stay relevant to consumers.

The Dutch global manufacturer of confectionery and gum started its Indian operations with the launch of Center Fresh and today, it certainly has become synonymous with chewing gums in the market.  

Rohit Kapoor

On its completion of 25 years in the market, Rohit Kapoor, Director Marketing, Perfetti Van Melle India, shares with what has kept the brand relevant for these many years, and what challenges it had to face. He talks about the focus areas of the brand and why digital has been gaining the share in its ad spends.

The gum segment was fragmented and dominated by unorganised players when Center Fresh entered India, said Kapoor. The brand’s consumer-centric approach has helped it to remain relevant in the minds of the consumers. Over the years, the brand has gained its popularity for its clutter-breaking advertising campaigns and memorable taglines.

“Delivering clutter-breaking campaigns with our creative partners has helped us build high top-of-mind awareness. The extensive distribution system has ensured product availability and reach at arm’s reach of the consumer,” said Kapoor.

Talking about the overall industry, Kapoor said that it has become increasingly difficult to reach the youth through the TV medium only. Thus, digital medium has been gaining share in the brand’s ad spends.

“We use TV to drive reach and digital medium to drive engagement. In addition, we use other mediums such as outdoor or radio in focus markets to maintain saliency,” he added.

The confectionery market has evolved greatly over the years with multiple brands, formats, flavours giving consumers the option to choose. Kapoor said that there is lot of headroom for innovations and the brand is committed to lead the market through innovations.

“Given the brand is in impulse category, getting the consumers’ attention has always been a challenge. The brand has kept the excitement going with new innovative flavours and new pack formats at regular intervals,” he added.

Recently the brand entered the non-gum space with the introduction of Center Fresh Mints last year. Kapoor said it has seen encouraging results. The brand has plans to enter other newer formats soon. 

“In 2019, we will continue to focus on building our position in these new segments and continue building on occasions,” he said.

The brand has also rolled out a new TVC campaign to celebrate its 25th anniversary. Through the TVC, the brand is inviting consumers to celebrate this milestone, with the launch of a limited period mega promotion that gives the mobile-savvy youth of today a chance to win 25 smartphones every day.

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