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Big FM’s ‘Mera Manifesto’ campaign aims to bring out ‘people's manifesto’

The objective is to generate conversations among listeners and highlight key issues. RJs will visit constituencies two weeks before voting and highlight issues that haven’t been addressed for long

To engage with citizens for the 2019 General Elections, Big FM has come up with an innovative approach titled ‘Dhun Badal ke Toh Dekho’. The radio station has launched its ‘Mera Manifesto’ campaign, which intends to bring out people's manifestos instead of that of political parties. The objective of the initiative is to generate conversations among listeners and highlight key issues of constituencies.

Radio Jockeys from various cities will visit different constituencies two weeks before voting and highlight the issues that haven’t been addressed in the longest time. Voters will be asked to share their manifesto, which would encapsulate their expectations from the elected government.

Sunil Kumaran

Sunil Kumaran, Country Head, Thwink Big, Big FM, said, “The elections are very crucial. Every time, before elections, we see political parties making the first move and coming out with their manifestos with certain agendas. But keeping in mind our recent transition to ‘Dhun Badal Ke Toh Dekho’, we decided to flip the game and cater to people first via this campaign. We are hopeful that a campaign like this will give impetus to people to engage with each other and voice their opinion through powerful and meaningful conversations.”

Speaking on the campaign, RJ Vrajesh Hirjee who hosts the morning show ‘Mumbai Maska Maarke’, said, “The party manifesto plays a critical part in the election process, as it helps the voter to select the leaders of tomorrow. The people’s manifesto in this campaign, that caters first to the voter's expectations, will not only bring a change in the mindset of the people towards elections, but will also help restoring the faith of youth in the political system.”


This activity is culminating in the radio station requesting their listeners to exercise their right to vote. Taking this to the next level, RJs, including RJ Raginee and RJ Shahnawaz from Ranchi, RJ Pankhuri from Bareilly, RJ Aryan from Goa to name a few have been appointed by the Election Commission to influence people to come out and vote. Additionally, RJ Juhie from Jammu is also a part of the official content approval team of the district administration during the code of conduct.

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