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Zee Kannada to launch new mythological show ‘Ughe Ughe Madeshwara’

The show will go on air on September 8 at 6.30pm every Saturday and Sunday

Zee Kannada is launching a new mythological fiction show ‘Ughe Ughe Madeshwara’ – the legendary folk story of lord Male Mahadeshwara, which will air from September 8. The one-hour show will air at 6.30pm on Saturday and Sunday.

The backdrop of the show is set at a splendid palace Indraloka, which was constructed by artists from across the country. The story of Male Mahadeshwara has apparently never been picturised in the form of a movie or a serial, probably because of its magnitude and wider aspects. A team of experts finally created a framework for the story with years of effort with the help of researchers, making every aspect of the serial legendary.

Ughe Ughe Madeshwara is directed and produced by director K Mahesh Sukhadhare under the banner of Sukhadhare Pictures. Sukhadhare said, "I am proud to be working with the folk serial Ughe Ughe Madeshwara, as we are the pioneers in South India for producing a serial of this stature. We are thrilled to mesmerise the audiences by providing them a whole new experience this September."

Raghavendra Hunsur, Business Head, said, “Ughe Ughe Madeshwara is the biggest offering to Zee Kannada viewers. He believes the viewers will encourage the effort to bring alive a very important folk literature.”

Male Mahadeshwara Mahakavya is one of India's famous epics; devotees strongly believe and worship Madeshwara as a part of lord Shiva. The story of Shravana, a cruel King, being defeated by Male Mahadeshwara in the form of Linga, is assured to take the viewers to a divine devotional altitude. Shravana wins over death by the blessings of lord Shiva and in return captures Parvati, lord Shiva's wife. Infuriated, the Linga from Shiva's matted hair resides itself in Shivasharane Uttarajamma's womb with the aim to take birth to destroy Shravana and control Kali in Kaliyuga.

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