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Mobiistar says drop inhibitions and take selfies in its first campaign

The smartphone brand aims to empower its consumers by providing them with its X1 Dual selfie phone with dual front cameras that allow consumers to take wide-angle selfies

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Vietnamese smartphone brand Mobiistar has launched its first campaign in India, offering the joy of taking ‘chaudi selfies’ with its X1 Dual smartphone. Planned and executed by the in-house team, the campaign showcases the joy of taking selfies. The brand has launched a 360-degree campaign planned and executed by its in-house team.

The focus of the brand is to tap on people’s love for wide-angle selfies in the tier II and III cities. The moment we get out of our homes, we meet friends or see something interesting while walking on the road and are struck by the selfie fever. Each moment is captured in a selfie and the film has captured that aspect of our behaviour in a fun way.

The film starts with the scene of a choked road, where a traffic police is struggling to handle road traffic. A guy gets down from an auto and starts to direct the traffic himself. The ad ends with the guy taking a selfie with Mobiistar’s wide-angle selfie camera with a luxury car that actually started the traffic.

Consumers today are obsessed with selfies while the use of the rear camera on phones is drastically depleting. With this observation, Mobiistar launched the X1 Dual selfie phone with dual front cameras that allow consumers to take wide-angle selfies. Mobiistar aims to empower its consumers by providing them with affordable, good-quality camera phones so that people lose their inhibitions while in front of a camera. Chaud se lo chaudi si selfie emboldens consumers to go out there and do as their heart desires.

Aniruddha Deb, Chief Marketing Officer, Mobiistar, said, “The brand entered the country a few months ago and since then has strived to carve a niche in India’s dynamic smartphone industry. The Indian consumer has always been a smart and aware one; if they do not receive value in what they invest their time and resources in; there is no coming back from it. As brands we must be cognisant of this. Today, Mobiistar is popular as an affordable selfie camera phone. India is important to us. We have invested in this market and thought it was time to take a step further and deep dive into building meaningful connections. With the launch of our new campaign that focuses on our wide-angle selfies, we really look forward to reaching out to our consumers and hope they receive value from it.”

The campaign is planned to reach out to the consumers through television, social, digital and OTT platforms.

The campaign:


Client: Mobiistar

Aniruddha Deb, Sushant Jaiswal

Production House:  Dora Digs

Director: Bosco Bhandarkar

Executive Producer: Prathmesh Kamble, Nilesh Dhawade

Cinematography: Manoj Kumar Khatoi

Music Director: Aman Pant

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