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Milestone Dentsu, RNR launch campaign to salute mentors beyond the classroom

The #HappyLifeTeachersDay campaign celebrates the community of ‘mechanics’ who never stepped into a formal school but learnt the science behind their skills from their ‘Ustaads’

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Teachers are not only found in classrooms but also in life-changing stories. To celebrate these nameless faces who are seldom acknowledged but have helped people succeed in life with their hands-on guidance and training, Milestone Dentsu decided to join hands with Rock N Roll riders (RNR) to launch the #HappyLifeTeachersDay campaign this Teacher’s Day.

Motorcycle tour operator RNR has launched the campaign in collaboration with Milestone Dentsu, the creative agency from Dentsu Aegis Network, to celebrate the community of ‘mechanics’.

While this group never stepped into a formal school, they learnt the science behind their skills, behind managing life, people and struggles from their ‘Ustaads’ (mentors) who have played the most important role in their journey.

D Jay, Founder and Lead Ride Captain of RNR, said, “We noticed that most of our mechanics have stories to tell and one of the key life changing events for them has been meeting their ‘Ustaad’. There is so much that they have learnt from their first Ustaad that somehow whichever stage the mechanics are in, they feel indebted, just like an IAS officer is indebted to his teachers/professors at school.”

“While every Teacher’s Day, we see lots of people thanking their teachers, we never see anyone thank these ‘Life Teachers’. Our initiative does just that. Not because we think there is a miss. But because we think it’s overdue,” he added.

Ujjwal Anand, Country Head and Mayank Khattar, NCD Milestone Dentsu, said, “When we conceived the idea, we felt that it was meant for none other than RNR. We have worked with them in the past. As a group, RNR are not just after profits. They also want to give back to the society, to the community and to the environment. The campaign brings out the right emotion and urges people to think beyond the ordinary. We all have learnt a lot from different kinds of teachers. And while we always thank the classroom teacher, we often forget the most important teachers, our ‘Life Teachers’, and it’s about time that we start doing so.”

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