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Cipla’s new campaign is a whiff of fresh air for asthmatics

Conceptualised by Grey Group India, the campaign #BerokZindagi aims to help millions breathe free and support people suffering from asthma by encouraging them to opt for inhalation therapy and lead a life without any restriction

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Pharmaceutical company Cipla has launched its new TV campaign, #BerokZindagi with the aim to raise awareness about asthma and its treatment. It also wants to help address the social stigma surrounding it — one of the key factors for limited disclosure of being asthmatic and avoidance of inhaler use in public. The TVC is scripted by the creative team at Grey Group India, directed by Koushik Sircar and produced by NP Prakash of Apostrophe Films.

The film stars actor Priyanka Chopra, who helps break barriers to inhaler usage and highlights the need for an attitudinal change towards inhalation therapy as the most effective treatment for asthma management vis-à-vis oral medication.

With the stigma surrounding asthma, and low awareness levels regarding inhaler use, this campaign calls for a sustained dialogue and adoption of the right treatment to improve patient outcomes.

The film opens with Chopra narrating her story of how she took control of her asthma and did not let it come in the way of achieving her dreams. Through her story, she attempts to break deep rooted myths associated with inhalers and encourages patients to consult their doctor and adopt the most effective treatment.

Nikhil Chopra, Executive Vice-President and Head, India Business, Cipla, said, “Constant education is of paramount importance in chronic diseases like asthma. Cipla has continually led the charge in reinforcing awareness about asthma and its treatment with the objective to ensure better health outcomes. Therefore, education and myth-busting is precisely what the TVC for #BerokZindagi is focused on. Hopefully, this campaign will help in increasing both relevance and acceptance of inhalation therapy as the foremost and most effective medication among asthmatics, caregivers and the general public. This directly resonates with our endeavour of enabling asthmatics to achieve more in their daily lives through optimal inhaler use, and thereby live life to its fullest.”

Yash Samat, Chairman and Managing Director, Grey Group India, said, “Our clear objective was to normalise the use of inhalers and remove the stigma around it. And there wasn't a better way than to use a celebrity who is also a sufferer. It was brave on Priyanka's part to come out in the open about the disease. And if, by using an inhaler she can live a Berok Zindagi, so can millions of other patients.”

The campaign will comprise a 360-degree media mix led by TV. It will be ably supported by digital mediums and on-the-ground activations. It will run through to mid-January on Hindi and regional GEC, news, infotainment and movie channels. On the digital platform, Cipla is promoting the campaign through Voot, Hotstar, YouTube and Social Media via Twitter and Facebook with contextual content.

The campaign:


Client: Cipla

Shourov Mukherjee, Shrishail Deshnur, Nithya Balasubramanian, Nikhil Chopra

Agency: Grey group India

Creative: Sandipan Bhattacharya, Bhavesh Kosambia, Juneston Mathana, Virendra Saigaonkar, Armaan Sunny, Rahul Jaigadkar

Planning: Arun Raman, Sonya Misquitta

Management: Priyanka Chatterjee, Mudassir Ansari, Nazia Rajapurkar, Kunwar Singh, Varun Shah

Film team: Samir Chadha, Jignya Shedge

Director: Koushik Sarkar

Producer: N P Prakash, Apostrophe Films

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