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This Friendship Day, Lay’s asks people to log off phones and soak in real experiences

Conceptualised by ScoopWhoop Media Pvt Ltd, their ad film depicts how it has become necessary to forget the online world for a while and forge more human connections

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People lost in their mobile devices even when sitting with friends, family and loved ones is a common sight. Lay’s and ScoopWhoop Media Pvt Ltd’s new ad film shows exactly this side of life – how people are consumed by technology and how it has become necessary to forge more human connections.

Shot at a college canteen in Mumbai, the film brings alive a routine scenario in every college canteen. The film starts with a bunch of youngsters in a canteen with their heads bent, eyes locked to their phone screens, fingers scrolling through notifications and hearts pumping in anticipation of the next update. While some are engrossed playing games, others continue to click selfies but no one lets the phone slip away. The scene changes when the network in the canteen gets jammed.

As everybody looks up from their phone screens, the film captures their reactions from anger to confusion to absolute disappointment at not being able to access the net. At this point, some decide to leave in quest of network while others decide to stay on. As the film progresses, it can be seen that the students start to get together to have a conversation, play a game or enjoy the strumming of the guitar by a student in the canteen.

Talking about the film, Dilen Gandhi, Marketing Director, Western Snacks Category, PepsiCo India, said, “Experience is the new social currency for the youth today. That’s why they are busy showcasing the experience and sometimes miss living it fully. With this film we aim to encourage people to tune out for a bit, look up from their phone screens and feel the moments they are living in. Life after all is in the little moment of happiness, togetherness and so much more that Lay’s stands for.”

The Campaign:


Client: PepsiCo India

Brand: Lay’s

Agency: ScoopWhoop Media Pvt Ltd

Sr Creative Director: Varun Anchan

Associate Creative Director (Copy): Shray Chawla

Scripting: Aditya Dubey

Chief Strategy Officer: Meghana Bhat

Film Director: Jay Bhansali

Cinematographer: Jay Bhansali, Vishal Bawa

Editors: Nikhil Sen

Project Head: Bikash Borah

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