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Jeep Compass launches outdoor campaign with Laqshya Media Group

A 253 feet wide and 100 feet tall billboard has been placed at the Mumbai-Pune Expressway

Laqshya Media Group has partnered with Jeep Compass to launch an outdoor ad on the Mumbai-Pune Expressway.

The billboard is around 25, 000 square feet and to execute the plan, it required 70 craftsmen, 80,000 kgs of metal and 45 days to complete the project. The installation is 253 feet wide and 100 feet tall.

Atul Shrivastava, CEO, Laqshya Media Group, said, “We chose Mumbai- Pune Expressway to create a landmark for Jeep and to stand true to the brand’s motto, ‘Go anywhere and do anything’. Considering the scale of the project, this was a challenging task. This exemplifies how our team, across various functions, comes together to create something as mammoth as this. We are extremely proud to have developed a truly larger-than-life site for Jeep.”

Rahul Pansare, Head of Marketing and PR, FCA India Automobiles, said, “We wanted to do something which has never been done. We partnered with Laqshya Media Group as they are the leaders in outdoor advertising to create an installation that stands for passion and adventure. They helped us in creating a landmark site on one of India’s busiest highways.”

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