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DCMN rebrands itself into a bold, playful and fresh identity

The company has reinvented itself into a stronger and bolder brand concept, which embraces the clear, consistent and relevant communication that it strives for

DCMN, the growth marketing partner for digital businesses and start-ups, has announced its revamped brand identity in an attempt to stay ahead of the curve in the growing marketing and advertising industry.

The new brand is a reflection of the company’s identity and purpose. DCMN has reinvented itself into a stronger and bolder brand concept, which embraces the clear, consistent and relevant communication that it strives for while reflecting what it is as a company.

For DCMN, this meant mirroring its development from a small company to a worldwide brand and the evolution of its business model over the years. A rebrand allows the business to address their target audience more efficiently and to take their brand concept and corporate identity to the next level.

For DCMN, the rebranding is a milestone as it’s data-driven and a more fitting definition of the DCMN brand, interpreted through an evolution of its previous logo. The DNA of DCMN has always been data mastery and its new logo reflects this with a pattern that shows how it has come together to form something new.

Over the past couple of years, DCMN claims to have grown more than double in size and has evolved in everything ranging from its overall business model to with whom it does business and where it does business. Given all of this change, it was only natural that the team thought about its future goals and reconsidered what DCMN stands for both internally and externally.

The new DCMN brand is bold, playful, empathetic and fresh. It contains a new spectrum of colours, representing the diversity of the company, various expertise and its method of working in the most agile, flexible and modular way the company works.

Bindu Balakrishnan

Bindu Balakrishnan, Country Head, India, DCMN, said, “The starting point of the rebranding process was why the company was originally founded. We did a lot of workshops and surveys to understand how we perceive ourselves and how we speak about the company. The new identity is a result of those efforts.”

Matthias Riedl

Matthias Riedl, Co-Founder and Chief Growth Officer, DCMN, said, “We believe that the rebranding is an opportunity to think about the company voice, dynamics and industry fit, as well as to create a common understanding and consistent image, both internally and externally. We have been in this business for a decade now and it was high time we looked at our roots and understood important market developments, as well as potential new competitors, in order to take better decisions in future. The endeavour helped us find out how DCMN is unique and differentiated in the market.”

The rebranding process began months ago, with the team reflecting on the heritage of the DCMN brand. Led by the DCMN brand solutions team, the rebrand brought together Co-Founders Andreas Dengler and Matthias Riedl, as well as the corporate communications and creative teams, for workshops to make the process more holistic.

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