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Bajaj Corp restages Bajaj NoMarks with Ayurveda formula

Conceptualised by Mullen Lintas, the campaign says how a polluted environment and a demanding lifestyle results in skin stress, which manifests itself in the form of marks. Here is a product that starts working from day one and gives spotless skin

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Bajaj Corp has restaged Bajaj NoMarks, anchored on a new packaging along with a new consumer proposition supported by a fresh campaign. With emphasis on Ayurveda, the brand has transformed itself through a differentiated packaging strategy and brand philosophy of #CheherePeSirfShaanNoNishaan.

Each element of the repackaging has been crafted to depict real Ayurveda and efficacy; the core fundamentals of the brand. The almost two-decade-old brand will also launch its latest TVC campaign with new ambassador Taapsee Pannu.

Sandeep Verma, President Sales and Marketing, Bajaj Corp, said, “Ayurveda is becoming a way of life for the present generation of highly aware consumers. Our endeavour is to connect with this audience in a differentiated manner. So we decided to restage NoMarks as a modern Ayurvedic brand. New packaging was a key element of the mix to strongly communicate this change.”

In addition, the brand is also launching a new campaign based on how a polluted environment combined with a demanding lifestyle results in skin stress, which manifests itself in the form of marks. Bajaj NoMarks Ayurveda starts working on marks from day one and helps remove marks, giving spotless skin.

Verma explains, “Our target is the ever-striving woman who chases her dreams relentlessly. We believe that nothing should come between you and your dreams; not even marks. So our new campaign aims to bring to life our brand essence of ‘Only pride and not marks should show on my face’.”

About the brand ambassador, he said, “Taapsee is the epitome of confidence and ambition, something our audience aspires to be and hence was the perfect fit for our brand.”

Amer Jaleel

Reflecting his views on the brand’s re-launch, Amer Jaleel, Chairman and Chief Creative Officer, Mullen Lintas, said, "NoMarks is a very sharply positioned face brand. The re-launch brings alive the new product range, contemporary packaging and the expert promise of the brand. We've played with interesting modern day insight that drives the expert message in an entertaining new way."

The TVC:


Client: Bajaj NOMARKS

Agency: Mullen Lintas Mumbai

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