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Pepsi gives ‘Kyun sookhe sookhe hi?’ campaign a new twist

The beverage brand is spreading its campaign by using Google’s advertising tool Director Mix. The initiative resulted in 96 million impressions, 84 million users and 87 million completed views

Beverage brand Pepsi is reaching out to millions with its message of ‘Kyun sookhe sookhe hi’ by giving a twist to typical YouTube advertising with Google’s dynamic advertising tool Director Mix. This tool creates custom video ads from one core creative, turning consumer’s attention into action.

Through Director Mix, Pepsi is showing its consumers content which is most relevant to them, in its witty and humorous style. The brand has turned a limited set of creative assets for its ‘Kyun sookhe sookhe hi’ campaign, including images, voiceovers, texts, fonts and colours into multiple unique messages catering to different audiences in a contextual and engaging manner.

Pepsi has fashioned over 100 customised creatives for Director Mix. Each pre-roll ad will place the ‘Kyun sookhe sookhe hi’ philosophy customised to the context of one’s search; and will reinstate the idea that food is incomplete without Pepsi. The marketing initiative has resulted in 96 million impressions, 84 million unique users and 87 million completed views, over the last few weeks.

Raj Rishi Singh, Director Marketing, Pepsi, PepsiCo India, said, “Pepsi has always created campaigns and experiences that resonate strongly with consumers. In fact, we are constantly experimenting with different marketing tools and techniques and Director Mix, with its customised creatives, has helped us strike a chord with our consumers better. We have been able to reach our audiences with content which is most relevant for them. By leveraging Director Mix, Pepsi has been able to cut through the clutter in the digital space.”

Elaborating on Director Mix, Vikas Agnihotri, Industry Director, Google India, said, “People are drawn to the contextual creatives as they’re highly engaging and they drive higher awareness for the brands. It’s great to see Pepsi take the approach of personalising their campaign at scale on YouTube with our latest tool called Director Mix. Using the tool, Pepsi has turned its video campaign into many highly relevant and shareable videos that genuinely connect with their consumers at scale without having to worry about producing multiple video campaigns.”

Senthil Kumar

Senthil Kumar, CCO, J. Walter Thompson, said, “From a creative standpoint, we had a blast turning the most popular searches on YouTube into pre-roll ads that made people chuckle. Every trending video was an opportunity for us to crack a joke while delivering to the campaign line ‘Kyun, sookhe sookhe hi?’”

Pepsi is leveraging Director Mix as part of the ‘Kyun sookhe sookhe hi’ campaign, which kick-started last month with a TVC featuring Pulkit Samrat, Varun Sharma and Manjot Singh. The three actors will make their appearance in all Pepsi Director Mix ads as well. The 360-degree campaign also celebrates its packaging through the introduction of new Pepsi Foodicon bottles. These bottles will feature different interpretations of age-old street food favourites such as dosas, burgers and noodles, among others.

‘Kyun sookhe sookhe hi’ will also be supported by outdoor and digital surround. There will also be exclusive promotions with partners like KFC, Pizza Hut and Subway.


Creative Agency: J. Walter Thompson

Executive Business Director: Jaibeer Ahmad

Executive Creative Director: Udayan Chakravarty

Creative Director: Harsh Maheshwari

Account Director: Anuj Sharma

Production House: Adventure

Director: Avinash Jai Singh

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