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ATN to launch Republic TV in Canada

The channel already exists in Middle East and North Africa market, since November 2017

Republic TV, the English news channel launched by Arnab Goswami, has announced its foray into the North American continent by airing its linear programming content nationally in Canada on a 24 hour licensed Canadian news service of Asian Television Network International (ATN) (TSXV-SAT) with its partnership with ATN. This expansion into another foreign territory comes right after it completed a year of operations in India.

The channel already exists in Middle East and North Africa region, since November 2017.

Founded by journalist Goswami, Republic TV is the newest entrant to the English news space in India. The channel has grabbed the leadership position throughout the first year of its launch.

Republic TV has a diverse schedule of shows including The Debate which airs every day except Saturday, from 9-11pm, and a weekly interview show, Nation Wants to Know – both hosted by Founder and Editor-in-Chief Goswami, alongside news shows focusing on the biggest news incident of the day, called ‘Burning Question’ among others. Additional shows include Patriot, with Major Gaurav Arya, where viewers are taken into the barracks of the armed forces and R Glitz, which showcases the latest news from Bollywood, among others.

ATN is one of Canada’s Pioneer Multi-Cultural Broadcasters and is a long established Canadian media company that has grown in stature along with the fast expanding ethnic population in Canada. ATN has a digital broadcast center with multiple studios, several non-linear edit suites; multiple camera crews with a special emphasis on local Canadian programming and is currently one of the largest producers of multicultural content in Canada. ATN operates a South Asian Radio Service on Satellite Radio across The United States and Canada. Some ATN content is also available on any Bell mobile phone that supports video.

Priya Mukherjee

Priya Mukherjee, President of Distribution and International Revenues, Republic TV said, “Since our inception last year, Republic TV has strived towards widening the reach of our cutting-edge content. While we successfully executed the reach of Republic TV across all households in the fragmented Indian cable distribution ecosystem during the first six months of the channel, and MENA in November 2017, our foray into North America with ATN is a big step for us. We are very happy to be increasing our footprint and we hope to soon expand our reach all over the world.”

Shan Chandrasekar

Shan Chandrasekar, Founder, President and CEO, ATN, said, “We are excited to have Republic TV’s High Quality Programming available through ATN’s Canadian Licensed Platforms. Since Republic TV’s launch in India, it has had a large share of voice in the Indian news space. With their compelling Content, we hope to reach the large South Asian diaspora in this part of the globe and make the network more holistic.”

Vikas Khanchandani

Vikas Khanchandani, CEO, Republic TV, said: “North America contributes a huge faction of the digital viewership of Republic. With such high demand, we are heartened that the Canadian market will soon be able to consume the channel directly on their TV screens and that Priya and her team will be offering advertisers, the most impactful news media platform to discerning audiences in the region.”

Arnab Goswami

Goswami said, “We are delighted to bring Republic TV to North America, through ATN. We will also look to create original content in cooperation with ATN, specific to the market in due course to provide content on issues specific to the large Indian diaspora.”

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