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Privé HD launches Bookmarked, a new programming block with master movies

The movies, some of the best of literary works reimagined through the lens of a master filmmaker, will be showed from May 1 to 25, weekdays, at 7pm

&Privé HD, the premium English movie channel, has launched a new programming block titled Bookmarked starting May 1 at 7 pm weekdays.

The movies in this block will showcase some of the best of literary works reimagined through the lens of a master filmmaker. The property is curated keeping in mind the subliminal truth that when words transcend from paper to screen, the story has a much stronger lasting impact on people.

The movies that will be shown as a part of this property are – Shutter Island, A Beautiful Mind, Million Dollar Baby, Bridge of Spies, Infiltrator, Up in the Air, Hugo, Cloud Atlas, Drive, Rum Diary, T2 Trainspotting, Memoirs of a Geisha, No Country for Old men, Lion, Amistad and All the Kings Men among others. Through this carefully selected line-up of movies, the channel presents an opportunity to experience critically acclaimed filmmaker’s adaptation of a story. While some stories are inspired by real events, others are remarkable works of fiction.

Through each of its property, &Privé HD aims to present a luxurious cinematic experience that compels audiences to feel the other side of movies.

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