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MuscleBlaze salutes stubbornness of every fitness enthusiast

The digital campaign ‘Ziddi Hoon Main’, created by the DDB Mudra Group, celebrates the indomitable spirit that drives fitness enthusiasts to go against the grain every single day in pursuit of their passion

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Fitness and sports enthusiasts have always been considered unusual. With their passion often misunderstood and their commitment questioned by everyone around them, it is hard to imagine the source of their unbreakable determination.

With its latest digital campaign ‘Ziddi Hoon Main’ (I am stubborn) for MuscleBlaze, it has leveraged the rich insights straight from the lives of fitness and sports enthusiasts. Through this hard-hitting campaign, created by the DDB Mudra Group, Muscleblaze is celebrating the spirit and ‘never-say-die’ attitude of these fitness enthusiasts. The brand intends to position itself as not only an expert on the dietary requirements of the enthusiasts but also displays a deep understanding of their life and challenges. The film salutes the indomitable spirit that drives the fitness enthusiasts to go against the grain every single day in pursuit of their passion.

The film has garnered a staggering response on digital with1.4 million views on Facebook and half-a-million on YouTube and Instagram, within the first three days of its release.

The visuals are shot in dingy gyms, hard and unforgiving play arenas, both indoors and outdoors, where these fitness enthusiasts sweat silently without giving in to the questions hurled at them. What stands out in the film are not only the challenges that it portrays but also the diversity of people who identify as fitness enthusiasts. There are prevalent biases against women, senior individuals, differently-abled individuals when it comes to athleticism and the film highlights these biases as well. At the end, it is a celebration of the victory of passionate and adamant individuals and their unbending will against all odds.

Sameer Maheshwari, CEO and Founder, Muscleblaze, said, “Muscleblaze is committed to connect and communicate meaningfully with fitness enthusiasts. We believe ‘Zidd’ as a concept will strike an instant chord with fitness consumers and strengthen Muscleblaze position as a leading sports nutrition brand in India.”

Amit Tandon, Business Head, Muscleblaze, said, “Ziddi Hoon Main is a step ahead in our endeavour to establish Muscleblaze as a brand that truly understands fitness consumers. Every fitness enthusiast is stubborn to an extent to achieve his fitness goals and Ziddi Hoon Main brings out this insight via a stylised and classily crafted AV.”

Kaustuv Paliwal, Marketing Manager, Muscleblaze, said, “Post the tremendous success of our first campaign Tum Nahi Samjhoge, expectations were very high from our second campaign. Ziddi Hun Main passed the litmus test with flying colours with very high social engagement and more than 1 million digital views within 24 hours of launch.”

Brijesh Jacob, Chief Creative Technologist, DDB Mudra Group, said, “The brand team had just come off a huge hit with Tum Nahin Samjhoge. The benchmark had been set. But more importantly we felt that it was time to lay down a platform that can be ownable and on which we could build the brand. Zidd is that platform and we believe is easily extendable to both internal as well as external audiences.”

The TVC:


Creative Team: Brijesh Jacob, Preeta Mathur, Anu Gulati, Subhashish Datta, Manoranjan Kumar, Vivek Bhatia, Dharini, Tom Jose, Anuj Arora, Tejas More, Amar Singh Bhagat

Account Planning: Tushar Handa

Account Management: Hemant Singh

Tech Team: Khubruy Mehta, Deepu Cherian, Krishna Gupta, Vijay Khamitkar, Hitesh Indap

Media Planning Team: Sagar Govindaraju, Svetlana Lasrado, Soumendu Adhikary

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