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With Ignis’ BinBox, no more issue of tissues on roads

Hakuhodo P has conceptualised a cleanliness campaign for Maruti Suzuki’s Ignis. The insight ‘what if the box has the bin’, led to the creation of the BinBox, the car tissue box. The BinBox allows car passengers to use tissues and dispose them inside it

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Hakuhodo P has created a campaign for Maruti Suzuki’s Ignis to promote Swachch Bharat driving. The idea for the Ignis BinBox stemmed from the cleanliness drive Swachch Bharat Abhiyan, launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

While a number of initiatives were carried on ground, dirty tissues continued to keep flying out of cars. Though the traditional tissue box design offered tissues, there was no place to trash it, resulting in them being thrown anywhere and everywhere. For a country that has more than 30 million cars, that is a lot of trash flying out on the roads.

Ignis, India’s first premium urban compact launched by Maruti Suzuki in 2017, positioned itself on providing the young millennial with an unconventional design as well as a unique expression of self. Since its launch, the Ignis has been the flag-bearer of offbeat marketing initiatives across diverse platforms that echo the brand’s philosophy. Following its core belief, Ignis found a simple design solution for maintaining cleanliness in cars and on the roads.

Questioning a simple logic – What if the box has the bin, led to the creation of the BinBox – the world’s first car tissue box. Designed to work in the real world, the BinBox allows car passengers to use tissues and dispose them inside the bin. The front has enough space to slide in dirty tissues and the top can be easily removed to empty the bin. The width is that of a standard tissue box, so it doesn't take too much space on the dashboard. So no more issue of tissues on the roads. Once you spot a trash can, simply lift the top, empty the bin and put it back.

Sabuj Sengupta

Sabuj Sengupta, NCD, Hakuhodo P, said, “A small idea can make a big difference. The BinBox is one such small and unconventional idea that has been created in keeping with the young millennial Ignis customer and the ease of use.”

The attention-grabbing graphics of the quirky Binbox campaign explains the concept. Available in three colours, with messaging that talks about trashing tissues – "Bin there, drop that", "Let's talk trash", an Ignis user can choose what fits his or her style.

Tripti Kakkar

Tripti Kakkar, Creative Director, Hakuhodo P, said, "The BinBox is a great way to promote cleanliness, without being preachy. The quirky graphics and colours are in sync with the Ignis brand philosophy of being offbeat and unusual."

The BinBox has received great appreciation from the Ignis consumer and many are opting for it in their cars. This is indeed encouraging for India where 65% of the population comprises the young millennial, where the demand for the Ignis is growing every day, thus increasing the numbers of BinBoxes and the message of Swachch Bharat.

The TVC:


Client: Maruti Suzuki

Brand/Product: Ignis BinBox

Agency: Hakuhodo P

National Creative Director: Sabuj Sengupta

Creative Director: Tripti Kakkar

Art Director: Himanshu Sharma

AVP: Mayur Chandra

Account Manager: Rahul Madan

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