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Redington unveils its new global brand identity

The distribution and supply chain giant launches a new logo and tagline – ‘Seamless Partnerships’

Redington, the $6 Billion distribution and supply chain giant for international brands in the IT and Mobility sectors, unveiled its new globalbrand identity – a new logo and tagline – ‘Seamless Partnerships’. Redington is stepping into its 25th year from inception and the new branding builds on Redington’s well-established reputation in the industry. 

Established in Chennai in the year 1993, Redington is a well-known global brand having its operations across India, South Asia, Middle East, Turkey and Africa. With a strong network of 37,500 partners, Redington distributes more than 200 brands across 24 markets and has leadership position in most markets and brands. 

The new brand identity reflects the core values of Redington as a contemporary and innovative company, which has developed its messaging strategy to reflect its evolution as a brand and its global role as one of the largest provider in the supply-chain solution industry. The new logo and tagline epitomizes the new direction that the company would like to take in the years to come.

Unveiling the impressive new logo and tagline, Redington’s Managing Director Raj Shankar commented, “I am proud to launch today our rejuvenated brand and visualidentity that fully reflects what we stand for as an organisation. This is not a mere change of brand identity but a coming of age for Redington, a transformation that the company is engineering to take it to the next level. The new identity carries forward our core values on which our company is built – adaptability, collaboration, know-how, objectivity, simplicity, transparency and trust. We look to expand our horizons from being a ‘Brand behind brands’ to a platform that enables ‘Seamless partnerships’. Redington is committed to do everything to achieve its ultimate goal of being the preferred company for connecting buyers and sellers. Re-emphasizing the word ‘Preferred’ as in a competitive world, Redington wants to build and grow lasting partnerships.” 

The new logo of Redington symbolizes synergy – while the existing colour green has been retained, different shades have been introduced as well, keeping in mind the ever-expanding portfolio and services of the company. It represents the synergy and oneness that Redington possesses as an organization - be it with vendors, customers, team, the environment, technology and the ecosystem within its circle of influence. The latticed geometric design depicts technological innovation as well as simplicity in complexity. The symmetrical form shows harmony between Redington and the other organizations that it collaborates. The energy is depicted in the reverse white lines, also representing the common thread of Redington’s philosophy and spirit running through the organization towards a common good. 

The new tagline – ‘Seamless Partnerships’ – illustrates the way Redington does business and where the brand wants all its energies to be aligned upon. Creating enormous value to the brands and partners that it handles and transforming from end-to-end supply chain management to a slew of services like marketing, data driven intelligence, solutions and consultancy.

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