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Hyundai Motor India’s campaign shows how customer care is its top priority

The initiative is a way Innocean brings to life Hyundai’s Right Here Right Care promise to make life more convenient for the customer, and to take service beyond a transactional relationship

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Hyundai Motor India Service in a new campaign demonstrates how care for its customers drives them as they believe in keeping customers at the centre, whether it’s their products that meet exact standards or service.

The online campaign, which is visible on YT and all Hyundai Motor India social media channels, starts off in a rather expected manner. An old gentleman, played by theatre veteran MK Raina, merrily drives away when his pleasant ride is disrupted by his glove box falling open. Despite his best attempts to fix it himself, he realises he needs to go to the service centre after all. Once there, is where the twist begins.

The warmth is visible in the way he is greeted at the service centre, being a loyal Hyundai customer, to the drop back offered to the old man. Now, things start getting unpredictable, when he realises to his chagrin that despite his visit and friendly greeting, the glove box has not been fixed.

The three-minute plus video challenges what a conventional car service is. While other car manufacturers go to town about low cost of maintenance and prompt service, here’s a brand that offers much more than just material help. They value relationships.

This initiative is a way Innocean brings to life Hyundai’s Right Here Right Care promise to make life more convenient for the customer, and to take service beyond a transactional relationship, and how they serve with love.

“This campaign is truly one of its kinds. It’s not every day that an automobile client trusts you to showcase an emotion, rather than hard-core product. The biggest challenge was to showcase the quality of service without showing an actual problem with the car. The team at Hyundai deserves all the credit for buying into such a brave script (for the category). Not to mention, Bhaskar Choudhury and Rajesh Bharadwaj, the writers behind the script,” said Talha Nazim, Senior ECD, Innocean Worldwide India.

"What really adds to the emotion are the performances and the one-on-one relationship the service manager manages to strike with a customer. That you’re not just another car number really ups consumer trust for the brand. This subliminally communicates to the viewer the reason why Hyundai Motor India leads the industry with top scores in customer satisfaction when it comes to service,” said Smriti Chawla, Senior GM, Client Servicing.

Madhavi Karunakaram Guha, Senior GM, Account Planning, said, “With this film, we have strategically addressed the common customer grievance that automobile OEM forgets about them once the car sale is through. So, we built on the relationship factor by emphasising the warmth of our service team as opposed to harping on mere efficiency, price and other functional benefits. The outcome is that Hyundai’s service team comes across as friends.”

This campaign is a first step in a series of many aimed at an attitudinal transformation of sorts among car owners in India who feel that Hyundai service is overpriced, limited in their outreach and spread. This film tugs at the viewers’ heart using a relatable human story that is real and endearing.

The TVC:


Creative Agency: Innocean Worldwide India

Senior ECD: S M Talha Nazim

Writers: Bhaskar Choudhury, Rajesh Bhardwaj

Lyrics: Monalisa Mukherji

Senior GM, Account Planning: Madhavi Karunakaram Guha

Senior GM, Client Servicing: Smriti Chawla

Associate Account Director: Shobhit Mittal; Account Executive: Aishwarya

Production House: Little Lamb Films

Director: Bauddhayan Mukherji

Producer: Anjani Bhadra

Client Team: S. Punnaivanam, AVP & Unit Head, Customer Care Service; Vikas Saxena, Vivek Singh, Rashmi Rathore

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