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Future Group fbb’s National Jeans Day sale grew five-fold over regular days

The fashion brand’s digital agency Social Kinnect conceptualised and executed the brand’s content marketing initiative by creating one lakh registrations on Facebook and fetching over 13 million impressions across digital platforms

In December 2017, Future Group’s fashion venture fbb wanted to go all out and celebrate the festive fever by giving their customers something very unique and something to look forward to. Therefore, Social Kinnect, fbb’s digital agency, conceptualised National Jeans Day. The initiative was aimed at influencing people to celebrate the most popular clothing item in today’s day and age. This way December 17, 2018 became National Jeans Day.

To launch the day, the agency started the #GrabAPair campaign to celebrate #NationalJeansDay. The aim of the initiative was to popularise Jeans as a category and increase its overall sales. No other player in retail has taken the effort to own a merchandise category by creating such a brand property.

On that day, if anyone bought a pair of jeans for over Rs 999, they would get a t-shirt worth Rs 499 and cashback worth Rs 500. To create urgency, Social Kinnect asked customers to register with online to get the opportunity to celebrate the day with the brand. This led to over 100,000 registrations on Facebook and on the brand’s landing page.

With over 13 million impressions, the agency ensured that everyone was talking about National Jeans Day. The brand got on board celebrities like Varun Dhawan, Katrina Kaif and Esha Gupta announcing that they were going to be part of this to build further excitement among the customers.

Popular fashion influencers like Aakriti Rana Gill, Shaurya Sanandhya, Juhi Godambe, Aaina J among many more took it upon themselves to spread the word of the exciting day to all their followers.

National Jeans Day was a massive success for fbb. The sales of the Jeans category grew by five times on this day compared to any other Sunday so far. fbb almost sold out their entire denim collection on National Jeans Day.

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