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Fox Sports Asia secures one-year multimedia, broadcast rights of Super Fight League

The second season of the MMA league will be held at MTV SFL Arena, Famous Studios, Mahalaxmi, Mumbai, from February 9-March 17. It will promote gender equality through a unique platform with women having the same influence on the team as men

Fox Sports Asia has entered into a new one-year exclusive multimedia and broadcastrights agreement for the second season of Super Fight League, the world’s first mixed martial arts (MMA) tournament.

The franchise-based league, which is being organised in association with the All-India Martial Arts Association (AIMMAA), will entail prize money of Rs 4 crore as well as 96 players and eight teams.

SFL is the first MMA organisation to feature female fighters. MTV SFL 2018 will promote gender equality through a fair and unique platform with women having the same influence on the team as men. The league entails a group ‘A’ and ‘B’, consisting of four teams each. Every team has six players – five male fighters and one female – and six back-ups, belonging to six different weight categories. The teams within the group compete with each other in 12 league-level matches.

The second season of the leading MMA league will be conducted at MTV SFL Arena, Famous Studios, Mahalaxmi, Mumbai, from February 9 to March 17.

The licensed territories include Brunei, Cambodia, China, East Timor, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Laos, Macau, Malaysia, Mongolia, Myanmar, Papua New Guinea, Singapore, Philippines, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam. Earlier this year, SFL signed a one-year agreement on a broadcasting deal with MTV, Viacom 18, in India to broadcast all matches for season 2 (till 2019).

Having garnered over 100 million views in five years for 67 live televised events, Super Fight League is ranked as the third biggest mixed martial arts brand in the world and second most watched sport in India after cricket.It is also the fastest growing combat sport.

It is promoted by British businessman Bill Dosanjh and British boxer Amir Khan on their television and digital platforms in Asia.

Dosanjh, CEO & Founder, Super Fight League, said, “We are excited to be partnering with Fox Networks Group, the leading multi-platform entertainment group across the world. This association will further capitalise on our long-term vision of taking SFL to different markets. In the next three years, we would like to take SFL to the Asian markets where MMA is more popular than a sport like cricket and comes second after soccer. The opportunity to have our premier content available in over 500 million homes will immediately accelerate the growth of the SFL brand and the sport of MMA across the region. The emergence of young Indian mixed martial artists, coupled with Fox’s marketing muscle and distribution, will allow us to expand our event output beyond India and into the rest of the world in the coming years.”

Brian Sullivan, President, Fox Networks Group, added, "This new agreement allows us to continue adding value to our uniquely holistic entertainment experience, aiming to suit all our fans’ preferences. We are quite delighted to deliver first class MMA content through our channels and digital platforms. The passion of Asian fans for mixed martial arts makes this category key to our content offering, and we will contribute with our know-how to make the experience of living it in our portfolio unbeatable.”

Asian athlete and two-time world champion Amir Khan said, “I think we'll be considered mainstream just like the NFL and NBA now. To be on the Fox platform, we're not second class anymore. This new agreement represents a great opportunity and will allow us to attract a new fanbase for the sport where MMA has a strongly established tradition as well as huge potential to gather and galvanise new fans.”

It was formed in 2012 by British-Indian entrepreneur and philanthropist Dosanjh with anintention to give Indian mixed martial artists a platform to compete and hone their talent in their country of origin while bringing in talented fighters from different parts of the world.

Weight Team Name
Bantam A Govind Ale
B Balveer Singh Tomar
Feather A Jacky Gahlot
B Akshay Singh
Light A Abdul Azim
B Suraj Bahadur
Welter A Jason Solomon
B Abhishek Rana
Light Heavy A LianAthbar
B Deepak Malik
Female Fly A Jessica
B Bharti Dhoudhiyal
Weight Team Name
Bantam A Trent Girdham
B Gary Mangat
Feather A Anoop Bisht
B Sumeet Khade
Light A David Moon
B Ranjith Baria
Welter A Amitesh Chaubey
B Jazz Singh
Light Heavy A Jason Radcliffe
B Javed Mulla
Female Fly A Priyanka Jeettoshi
B Kiran Singh
Weight Team Name
Bantam A KantharajAgasa
B Manoj Chauhan
Feather A Nikhil Bhatt
B Syed Imran
Light A Basir Bitani
B Manoj Antil
Welter A Seth Rosario
B Hemant Wadekar
Light Heavy A Martin Hudson
B Mandeep Singh
Female Fly A Diana Tavares
B Kirti Rana
Weight Team Name
Bantam A Chaitanya Gawali
B Roshan Mainam
Feather A Pawan Goyat
B Aakash Rana
Light A Farhad Hazratzada
B Amit Kumar
Welter A Ravindra Balhara
B Shubham Sharma
Light Heavy A Vinicius Mamute
B Malkit Singh
Female Fly A Vuokko Katainen
B Shikha Chauhan
Weight Team NAME
Bantam A Ateet Kelvin
B Kapil Kumar
Feather A Tiran Takhshala
B Shankar Mehra
Light A Sam Petterson
B Gaurav Gulliya

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