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#YouAreMyParleG’s second leg portrays stories of everyday relationships

Conceptualised by thought blurb, the second phase of the campaign focuses on that one person everyone has in their life who has always been there for us

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The second leg of the #YouAreMyParleG campaign is back with three heart-warming films by ‘thought blurb’. The first phase of this campaign celebrated relationships we often forget to acknowledge. The latest campaign focussed on everyday relationships and that one person everyone has in their life who has always been there.

Mayank Shah

Mayank Shah, Senior Category Head at Parle Products, gave thought blurb, the creative agency behind the campaign, a clear one-line brief — ‘Parle-G is not just a brand, it’s an emotion.’


The first phase of this campaign was launched in August with two films that celebrated relationships we often forget to acknowledge, but without which, life isn’t quite the same. The first film was a long overdue salute to the unsung hero of the nation, the soldier, while the second film captured the unbreakable bond between a brother and sister who can’t stand each other yet can’t stay apart. Needless to say, both films received an overwhelming response and went viral.

Followed by the success of the first phase of the campaign, Parle launched the second phase in December with three films that told stories of everyday relationships and focused on that one person everyone has in their life who has always been there for us. They are such an important part of our life that we take them for granted, just as we take our breath for granted.


These films take us through the inevitable, deep-settled familiarity between a husband and wife, the intense bond between a mother and son that never fades with time or new family members and the endearing, eternal bond between a father and daughter. In each film, an action, a few words, or an emotion trigger the moment of clarity. The subtext of the relationship becomes clear to the protagonist and they understand how indispensable the other person is to their life. India’s complex and unwavering connection to Parle-G is equated to this. When the protagonist tells someone ‘You are my Parle-G,’ he speaks for India and its relationship with the brand.

Vinod Kunj, Managing Partner, thought blurb, said, “Our films dig deep into human behaviour, extracting the hidden sub-texts of our relationships with the ones we love. We do not realise the depth of our relationship with somebody, till it comes to a tipping point. The campaign shines a light on this very point.

“In the mother and son film, the moment occurs when the son sees the mother falling off to sleep as she browses through his childhood pictures. In the father and daughter film, there is a twilight moment when the daughter looks at the bottle of pickle the father packs for her as she is leaving home (just like a mother would). In the husband and wife film, the husband wakes up to the sound of the pressure cooker and as he goes through the morning rituals he realises how his wife orchestrates the rhythm of his day.

“The real success of the campaign is how these stories became popular through WhatsApp and social media forward long before they even entered the paid media space. From a point of storytelling, these are times of diminishing attention spans, and it is necessary to be able to hold down a viewer through sheer scripting power. Online content is not just extended TVCs. They have to tell their stories unilaterally. These films do just that."

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Client: Parle Products Pvt Ltd

Client Team:

Senior Category Head at Parle Products: Mayank Shah

Brand Manager: Maria Dias Fernandes

Dy. Brand Manager: Dhaval Gurnani

Agency: thought blurb

Agency Team:

Business Team: Israa Khan

Strategy Team: Vinod Kunj

Creative Team: Renu Somani

Production House: Little Lamb Films

Director: Vibhu Puri

DOP: Anoop Jotwani

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