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Livpure’s ‘CuttingPaani 2.0’ campaign helps Shimla save water

This campaign says if the thirst is of half a glass then one should only take that much water. It focused on Shimla’s water crisis this summer and educated citizens about ‘Paani Bachao, Cutting Mangao’. Shimla adopted this habit and became a symbol of saving water from being wasted

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Water purification brand Livpure has unveiled its new digital film titled ‘CuttingPaani 2.0’, an extension of its #CuttingPaani 1.0 campaign.

#CuttingPaani is a quirky take on Bombay’s famous concept of #CuttingChai. This campaign tells citizens that if the thirst is of half a glass, then one should only take half a glass of water.

This unique campaign is focused on Shimla’s unprecedented water crisis this year during summers, which came as a shock to many as one does not associate water shortage with a city, which is a popular hill station and gets sufficient rainfall.

Livpure reached out to around 50 cafes and restaurants. The average consumption in any place is between 10,000-30,000 litres per day and hence approximately consumption at these 50 places will be 160,000 gallons per day. Adopting the #CuttingPaani concept made them save 80,000 gallons per day. The campaign make people think and change the way they consumed water.

#CuttingPaani 2.0 will encompass a full-fledged digital campaign on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Blogs, et al, along with hoardings and activations at malls in major cities of India. This campaign is also further supplemented in the form of #CuttingPaaniTake, a series of tongue-in-cheek, witty posts on the brand’s social media pages.

Sushil Matey, Director, Marketing, Livpure, said, “Our dipstick showed that Indians in general are very casual about wasting water. And, as we all know, it is a very scarce resource and possibly future wars would be fought for water! Our #CuttingPaani campaign launched in March this year highlighted the significance of drinking water judiciously and received rave response from citizens and consumers alike. We were able to get 7.8 million views and 18 million reach. However, we further wanted to highlight the importance of this campaign and taking Shimla as the pilot city, we educated the citizens on ‘Paani Bachao, Cutting Mangao’. Knowing fully well that this would strike a chord in making people realise that though the message is about saving drinking water, it will sensitise them to the fact that we indeed waste a lot of water in other areas as well. Shimla adopted this habit and soon it became a symbol of saving water from being wasted. We are grateful that this extension to our campaign helped a city get sensitised to saving water.”

#CuttingPaani is not an ad campaign, it is an act — a movement with the power to spark real change. ‘Cutting chai' is such a common concept in India — why can't the same be applied to water? We launched this idea last year in India's top cities, but found that Shimla was in a unique and critical situation, and therefore needed action the most. We're heartened about the enthusiastic participation by the people of Shimla and even pleasantly surprised to find the practice adopted by restaurants all over Pune, Bangalore, Nagpur, Lonavala and other small towns! #CuttingPaani is a simple change of habit that we hope will go a long way,” said Raj Kamble, Founder and CCO, Famous Innovations.

Shimla’s Cutting Paani 2.0 video:


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