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ICICI takes humorous route to show how its iMobile app makes life hassle-free

Conceptualised by Ogilvy, the campaign, using inanimate objects with human desires and aspirations, shows how banking needs can be fulfilled without going to the bank through the app

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ICICI Bank has launched a new campaign for its iMobile app, breaking the notion of banking as a serious category and using humour to showcase its various utilities.

In the five-part series conceptualised by Ogilvy, non-living items have been personified as humans. In the lamp ad, two lamps, which are referred to as parents of a smaller lamp, are seen to be discussing of gifting their child a bike on his 18th birthday. The father is reluctant as he doesn’t have enough savings but the wife’s sister introduces them to ICICI’s new iMobile app, which allows them to save whatever amount they want monthly. Each feature of the app is introduced with hilarious non-living characters. In a light-hearted way, the films bring out the multi-faced nature of the bank’s app.

Zenobia Pithawalla

Zenobia Pithawalla, Senior Executive Creative Director, Ogilvy, said, “The communication created for the digital medium shows people just how many banking needs can be fulfilled without having to go to the bank. Thanks to the ICICI Bank's iMobile app. However, what we have done differently is that we have shown inanimate objects with human desires, and aspirations. And we show how each of these objects achieve their aspirations without ever entering a bank.”

Walter Noronha, Senior Vice-President, Ogilvy, said, “The new-age millennials are born in a world where technology and access to the net is the new normal. They live in the present and demand things now. They can't wait for things to happen, they make it happen. We took this simple insight for our creative approach. We showed how our technology platform at ICICI Bank makes our everyday banking needs simple and convenient. The light tonality was added to fuel affinity and engagement among the target audience.”







Client: ICICI Bank

Agency: Ogilvy

Zenobia Pithawalla: Senior Executive Creative Director

Varsha Desai:  Senior Creative Director

Executive Vice-President and Cluster Head: Prakash Nair

Client Services Director: Pratik Koltharkar

Account Supervisor: Prathamesh Thakur

Chief Strategy Officer, Ogilvy India: Prem Narayan

Production House: Jamic Films

Director: Shirish Daiya

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