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Vodafone urges people to go offline and celebrate Diwali with loved ones

In the campaign conceptualised by Ogilvy, Vodafone reiterates the need for real conversations, especially on special occasions and festivals, and encourages viewers to celebrate Diwali with each other rather than with devices

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This Diwali, Vodafone has launched a new campaign to press the need for people to connect and have real conversations. It encourages people to #LookUp again and celebrate Diwali with their families by keeping down their devices.

Conceptualised by Ogilvy, the campaign highlights how Diwali has changed over the years. From meeting family members, shopping for colourful lantern and new clothes, enjoying homemade sweets, it has changed to shopping online, exchanging greetings on mobile, share update on social media, get gifts delivered at our doorstep.

The film beautifully brings out the changing nature of Diwali celebrations seen through the eyes of a kid. It shows the contrast between how Diwali was celebrated traditionally by the child’s father with lots of love and warmth and how it is perhaps celebrated presently. With its stark difference, the film shows how technology sometimes takes over and people lose out on the connections that really matter.

Siddharth Banerjee

Siddharth Banerjee, EVP, Marketing, Vodafone India, said, “In the hyper-connected world, Vodafone again reiterates the need for real conversations, especially on occasions and festivals. Our #LookUp campaign has resonated well with our audience generating online and offline talkability and driving up brand preference for Vodafone. Hence, after delighting our audiences on Valentine’s Day / Father’s Day and Friendship Day with #LookUp messages, this time around, we are extending our #LookUp philosophy to Diwali encouraging viewers to celebrate with family and friends — in essence, the connections that really matter.”

Kiran Antony

Kiran Antony, Executive Creative Director, Ogilvy, said, “Last year, Vodafone started the #Lookup campaign to encourage people to have real conversations on special occasions with people that matter. In this film we see a modern family through the eyes of a child who while excited to read his dad’s essay on Diwali, sees the family around him in complete contrast. Our endeavour is to remind people that while phones do play an integral part in our daily lives, it is perfectly fine to put them aside during those special occasions and celebrate with your loved ones.”

The Campaign:


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