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This festival of lights, brands give a new meaning to Diwali celebrations

Brands such as Honor, Schmitten and Sabhyata are showing the Diwali festivities in an all-new light and spreading a ray of hope

Diwali, the festival of lights, commemorates the victory of good over evil. It is that time of the year when people move on by letting go of past grudges and join the festivities. This year, brands have redefined Diwali with progressive messages, giving reasons to viewers to smile.




This Diwali, Honor celebrates the companion of family along with its phone’s features. The campaign consists of two ads, showing the little intricacies that a family shares. The first film starts with father, mother and son fighting for the mirror. The daughter comes and takes her mother away and tells her to see herself in a new way on the back of the Honor phone. The next film shows the bonding between father and son over mobile games.




Schmitten takes a progressive step this Diwali by encouraging us to build a sense of belonging towards the family of one’s partner. The initiative wants people to accept themselves as a member of their partner’s family, and create new memories with them, as their own family.

The film starts with a newly-wed couple decorating for Diwali. The wife asks her husband if he has heard from her father. The viewers can easily understand the wife’s longing for her parents. The climax of the ad arises when her mother-in-law tells her to go to her family after the puja. The mother and father-in-law say that their son is also equally part of his wife’s family.

The ad:


Sabhyata celebrates womanhood through its campaign this Diwali to project a new father-daughter relationship in sync with the modern lifestyle and redefines this connection in a new unique way.

The film starts with the daughter asking her father’s permission to spend the Diwali night with her friends. Her brother comes and just informs that he would be out all night. The tension grows as the father angrily says, ‘Who goes out at this hour of the night?’ giving the impression it was obviously meant for the daughter. But surprisingly he raises concern about his son being out and asks his daughter to drop her brother. The film ends with a beautiful message, ‘Let’s celebrate change!’

The ad:



Ghadi’s new Diwali campaign urges consumers to give each profession its due respect and not to demean people for what they do. The TVC is set in a typical Indian household, where the domestic help is taken for granted. Her effort and hard work go unnoticed. The TVC advocates the cleansing of this ‘mael’ through the story of a teenager. We see the guy constantly rebuking the maid’s efforts, until his mother asks him to step into her shoes. The lesson he learns is a lesson for us all. The campaign requests us to realise that no work is small. It urges people to realise the worth of every work that comes their way and understand the importance of people in their lives.

The ad:

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