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GEC Watch: Star Plus, Zee Anmol lead respective markets in Week 43

Colors jumps two positions to No. 6 in combined markets. Sony SAB enters top-10 list in combined market as Rishtey exits

Sony SAB entered the combined market positioning itself at No. 9 while Rishtey exited from the top 10 list of channels in Week 43 of 2018. Star Plus continued to lead the urban markets while Zee Anmol ruled rural and combined markets.

Colors jumped two positions to No. 6 in the combined markets. Zee TV’s Ishq Subhan Allah entered into the top-5 list, positioning itself at No. 4.


Top channels in U+R market

According to BARC data, India HSM (Urban+Rural): NCCS All: 2+ Individuals, for Week 43 of 2018, Zee Anmol remained at the No.1 position garnering 848.655 million Impressions (last week 847.399 million Impressions). Star Utsav at No.2 position clocked 743.680 million Impressions (last week 800.897 million Impressions). With some growth in the number of Impressions, last week’s No.4 Star Bharat jumped by one position and secured itself at No. 3 recording 739.742 million Impressions (last week 692.457 million Impressions). Zee TV at No. 4 registered 695.346 million Impressions (last week 653.759 million Impressions). Star Plus dropped to No. 5 position garnering 670.236 million Impressions (last week 702.026 million Impressions).


Colors jumped to No. 6 position from last week’s No. 8 clocking 589.766 million Impressions (last week 545.284 million Impressions). Sony Entertainment Television remained at No. 7 position securing 570.003 million Impressions (last week 573.252 million Impressions). Sony Pal dropped to No. 8 position garnering 565.600 million Impressions (last week 579.069 million Impressions) from the last week’s No. 6 position. Sony Sab entered the top chart, positioning itself at No. 9 and garnered 429.475 million Impressions. Dangal TV at No.10 clocked 427.464 million Impressions (last week 459.287 million Impressions).

Top shows in U+R market


Zee Anmol’s Kumkum Bhagya replaced Colors’ Naagin 3 from No.1 position in Week 43 of GEC Watch, logging 13.753 million Impressions (last week 12.914 million Impressions). With this, Colors’ Naagin 3 dropped to No. 2 position and clocked 13.135 million Impressions (last week 13.093 million Impressions). Zee TV’s Kundali Bhagya jumped to No. 3 position securing 11.865 million Impressions (last week 11.195 million Impressions). Zee Anmol’s Mehak at No. 4 position clocked 10.244 million Impressions (last week 11.452 million Impressions). At No. 5 Zee TV’s Kumkum Bhagya logged 9.986 million Impressions (last week 9.158 million Impressions.)

Top channels in Urban market


In Week 43, Star Plus remained at the No.1 position registering 467.328 million Impressions (last week 489.278 million Impressions). At No. 2 position Sony Entertainment Television garnered 431.151 million Impressions (last week 432.580 million Impressions). Zee TV remained at No. 3 position logging 427.315 million Impressions (last week 389.573 million Impressions). Colors at No. 4 registered 406.832 million Impressions (last week 378.206 million Impressions). Star Bharat at No. 5 clocked 357.338 million Impressions (last week 328.957 million Impressions). Sony Sab at No. 6 position registered 329.133 million Impressions (last week 316.131 million Impressions). Star Utsav at No. 7 logged 227.038 million Impressions (last week 233.169 million Impressions). At No. 8, Sony Pal clocked 173.808 million Impressions (last week 168.113 million Impressions). Zee Anmol remained at No. 9 position clocking 161.013 million Impressions (last week 149.077 million Impressions). At No.10, &TV registered 123.168 million Impressions (last week 126.947 million Impressions).

Top shows in Urban market

Colors’ Naagin 3 at No. 1 position clocked 8.445 million Impressions (last week 8.441 million Impressions). Zee TV’s Kundali Bhagya at No. 2 garnered 7.428 million Impressions (last week 6.940 million Impressions). Star Plus’ Yeh Rishta Kya Kehalata Hai remained at No. 3 position recording 6.866 million Impressions (last week 6.193 million Impressions). Zee TV’s Ishq Subhan Allah entered the top chart securing itself at No. 4, logging 6.228 million Impressions. Zee TV’s Kumkum Bhagya had to exit. At No. 5, it was Star Plus’ Kulfi Kumar Bajewala, clocking 6.177 million Impressions (last week 5.982 million Impressions)

Top channels in Rural market

Zee Anmol at No. 1 position clocked 687.642 million Impressions (last week 698.322 million Impressions). Star Utsav remained at No. 2 position, registering 516.642 million Impressions (last week 567.728 million Impressions). Sony Pal at No. 3 garnered 391.792 million Impressions (last week 410.956 million Impressions). Maintaining itself at No. 4 position, Star Bharat garnered 382.404 million Impressions (last week 363.500 million Impressions). Dangal TV at No. 5 clocked 328.714 million Impressions (last week 355.655 million Impressions). Rishtey remained at No. 6 logging 289.803 million Impressions (last week 324.843 million Impressions). Zee TV jumped to position No. 7 with 268.031 million Impressions (last week 264.186 million Impressions). Big Magic dropped to No. 8 position clocking 233.089 million Impressions (last week 265.900 million Impressions). At No. 9 Star Plus registered 202.908 million Impressions (last week 212.748 million Impressions). Colors remained at N. 10 position garnering 182.934 million Impressions (last week 167.078 million Impression).

Top shows in Rural market

Zee Anmol’s Kumkum Bhagya strengthened itself at No.1 position clocking 11.553 million Impressions (last week 10.842 million Impressions). With a slight drop in Impressions, Zee Anmol’s Mehak remained at No. 2 position garnering 8.371 million Impressions (last week 9.562 million Impressions). Star Utsav’s Rabba Ve registered 5.834 million Impressions at No.3 (last week 6.460 million Impressions). Zee Anmol’s Ek Main Or Ek Tu at No. 4 clocked 5.604 million Impressions (last week 5.440 million Impressions). At No. 5 Sony Pal’s Tarak Mehta Ka Oltah Chashma garnered 5.592 million Impressions (last week 5.547 million Impressions).

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