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Kerala's leading media houses come together to get the flood hit state back on track

With an objective to revive the tourism and consumer goods market in Kerala, Mathrubhumi, Asianet News, Asianet Main and Malayala Manorama have joined hands with several consumer brands to launch ‘Great Kerala Shopping Utsav’ in November. A budget of Rs 25 crore, along with dedicated editorial, coverage has been set aside to promote the festival

With an objective to revive the market of Kerala that was badly affected by floods this year, every major media house including channels, newspapers, radio stations in the state have come forward to organise the ‘Great Kerala Shopping Utsav’,

The objective is to recreate Onam and provide an opportunity to retailers, trade unions, brands across the nations, and consumers to participate and invest. With the message ‘Kerala is back’, the shopping festival will go on for four weeks, starting from November 15- December 16, 2018.


A total of Rs 25 crores has been set aside for the promotion of GKSU, with the editorial add on too. The idea was initiated and generated with major participation from four organisations Mathrubhumi, Asianet News, Asianet Main and, Malayala Manorma. The festival is now witnessing participation from major brands like Hindustan Unilever Pvt. Ltd, Samsung, LG, including automobile companies and other major media houses, across the state.

Kamal Krishnan

Kamal Krishnan, National Head, Mathrubhumi, said, “Post floods there was a bad sentiment inside everybody that prevailed that they shouldn’t spend, this affected the market. Every trader, merchant and retailer felt the heat of that. If we individually try to revive the market, it is not going to help. So we decided to come together for a greater impact. It has never before happened in the history of India that all media houses have come together, hand in hand, to revive the market.”


The major attraction of the festival would be the raffle/lucky draw. Any consumer in Kerala who will buy any product worth Rs 1000 including GST, from any store in the state would be eligible for a big raffle draw to win around Rs 3-3.5 crore worth prizes. There won’t be any ground activity but a virtual venture that will take place. The government is also pumping money in the market by providing the victims and their families Rs 1 lakh interest free loan and since a majority wasn’t affected by the floods, organisers believe that there is spending power in the market and this opportunity will give people a platform to spend that they missed out on because of not celebrating Onam.

Varghese Chandy

Commenting on the collective participation, Varghese Chandy, Vice President, Malayala Manorama, said, “There is no individual objective of any channel or organisation. All of us have came together for this to give the message loud and clear that Kerala is back to normal.”


“We are here to revive the general people’s emotions that this is the time to spend by telling every market that Kerala is back again,” said Unni Krishnan, Vice President Sales, Asianet News Network Pvt Ltd.

All the participating media fraternities have decided to give out the major details related to the festival on Kerala Piravi day that is on November 1, 2018.


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