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HUL not among top spenders in lifestyle genre; Cadbury absent in kids’ genre

Patanjali Ayurveda, known for its aggressive marketing, appeared just once in seven genres in 2017 that were analysed

Hindustan Unilever is among the top 10 advertisers in almost all genres of television channels, including Hindi GECs, Hindi movies, Hindi news, English, sports and kids, according to data sent by BARC India for the year 2017(Weeks 8-52).The advertiser did not appear in the top 10 list in the lifestyle genre.

Cadburys India was not among the top 10 in the kids’ genre, which is supposed to be its primary TG. Patanjali Ayurveda, known for its aggressive marketing, appeared just once in these seven genres that were analysed. Patanjali was the biggest advertiser on Hindi news.

The common names in the top 10 advertisers’ list in these genres were from the FMCG category, including Reckitt Benckiser, Colgate Palmolive, ITC, Procter & Gamble and Dabur India. The other categories were e-commerce (Amazon), automobile (Maruti), electronics (Samsung), mobile handsets (Vivo India) and travel (Trivago).

Here’s the genre wise listing:

Hindi movies

The Hindi moviegenre had the maximum number of ad insertions among all other genres. All the top 10 advertisers in the genre are from FMCG category. The genre has about 16-20 players, including FTA channels. Of these, about 14 are from big broadcast networks. The biggest advertiser in this genre was Hindustan Unilever, which had 10.795 million ad insertions in 2017. Reckitt Benckiser was the second biggest advertiser in 2017 by inserting 4.875 million ads. Cadburys India followed with 2.589 million ad insertions. The others among the top 10 were Brooke Bond Lipton India (1.954 million ad insertions), Procter & Gamble (1.433 million ad insertions), Ponds India (1.254 million ad insertions), Dabur India, Coca Cola India, ITC and Lakme Lever.

Hindi Movies
Advertiser Ad-Insertions
Hindustan Unilever  1079599
Reckitt Benckiser (India) 487534
Cadburys India 259897
Brooke Bond Lipton India 195466
Procter & Gamble 143349
Ponds India 125451
Dabur India 119715
Coca Cola India 99741
ITC 89816
Lakme Lever 89615

Hindi GECs

Hindi GECs are the biggest revenue generators on television and stand at No. 2 in terms of the maximum number of ad insertions. Just like Hindi movies, GECs too have most monies coming from the FMCG advertisers. The genre got a vibrant entrant in 2017 as the laggard Life OK was re-launched as Star Bharat and picked up viewership quite soon. So much so is the similarity between the TGs of the two genres that the advertisers’ names and rankings are also almost the same. Hindustan Unilever is the biggest advertiser on the genre, having inserted 5.011 million ads. Reckitt Benckiser stood at second, having inserted 2.242 million ads, followed by Cadburys India that had 1.018 million ad insertions among the 16-18 channels that the genre hosts. Brooke Bond Lipton India (0.947 million ad insertions), Procter & Gamble (0.925 million ad insertions), Dabur India, Godrej Consumer Products, Ponds India, Colgate Palmolive India and ITC.

Hindi GEC
Advertiser Insertions
Hindustan Unilever  501136
Reckitt Benckiser (India) 224240
Cadburys India 101811
Brooke Bond Lipton India 94723
Procter & Gamble 92581
Dabur India 88206
Godrej Consumer Products 82868
Ponds India 68563
Colgate Palmolive India 61849
ITC 59951


English genres on television include, English GECs, English movies and English news. All put together, the English cluster has about 30 channels. Amazon Online India is the biggest advertiser in this genre, inserting 2.197 million ads in English channels in 2017. Samsung India Electronics had about 0.882 million ad insertions in the genre, L’oreal India followed with 0.699 million ad insertions in the year. Maruti Suzuki (0.574 million ad insertions), Reliance Retail (0.570 million ad insertions),BhartiAirtel, Trivago, Titan Company and Google were the other advertisers that listed in the top 10 advertisers in the English genre.

Advertiser Insertions
Amazon Online India 219732
Samsung India Electronics 88278
Hindustan Unilever  76346
L'Oreal India 69962
Maruti Suzuki 57463
Reliance Retail 57026
Bharti Airtel 50297
Trivago 49741
Titan Company 41259
Google 39952

Hindi news    

Hindi news, as a genre, has always been known for being a low-cost entry genre for advertisers who can’t directly afford to pan out on the other expensive genres. One of the most crowded genres, Hindi news has about 20-22 channels in its fold. Most of the advertisers who approach this competitive genre are from the regional brands.

Patanjali Ayurveda, considered to be one of the most aggressive advertisers in recent times, was the biggest advertiser on Hindi news in 2017 by inserting 1.641 million ads. Hindustan Unilever was the second biggest advertiser in the genre with 1.382 million ad insertions, followed by SBS Biotech (the owners of Kesh King brand), which had 0.921 million ad insertions in the Hindi news genre. Emami (0.647 million ad insertions), Mahashiya Di Hatti – MDH (0.510 million ad insertions), RajvaidyaShital Prasad and Sons (0.442 million ad insertions), Rohit Surfactants, Godrej Consumer Products, Colgate Palmolive India and Asian Paints are the other big advertisers in the genre.

Hindi News
Advertiser Insertions
Patanjali Ayurveda 164130
Hindustan Unilever  138299
SBS Infotech 92192
Emami Limited 64744
Mahashiya Di Hatii 51099
Rajvaidya Shital Prasad and Sons 44287
Rohit Surfactants 43409
Godrej Consumer Products  41751
Colgate Palmolive India 41427
Asian Paints 38787


Kids is a dynamic genre that has about 13-14 channels in its fold. Sony Yay, the newest entrant, was launched in 2017.Reckitt Benckiser was the biggest advertiser in the genre in 2017, inserting 1.479 million ads in the genre, followed by Hindustan Unilever that had 0.673 ad-insertions in the genre in 2017. Perfetti Van Melle India stood as the third biggest advertisers in the genre with 0.657 million ad insertions. The other big advertisers on the genre were ITC (0.523 million ad insertions), Dabur India (0.499 million ad insertions), Procter & Gamble (0.477 million ad insertions), Hershey India (0.406 million ad insertions), Britannia Industries and Colgate Palmolive India.

Advertiser Insertions
Reckitt Benckiser (India) 147936
Hindustan Unilever  67314
Perfetti Van Melle India 65772
ITC 52312
Dabur India 49913
Procter & Gamble 47768
Hershey India 40615
Britannia Industries 39661
Colgate Palmolive India 38889
Godrej Sara Lee 34545


The lifestyle genre has grown significantly in the last couple of years and 2017 was an important year, considering that a lot of channels increased their local productions. With increased focus on India focussed content, the genre was in talk and created interest among advertisers too. Trivago, the travel and tech company, came out as the biggest advertiser in the lifestyle genre with 0.395 million ad insertions, followed by the e-commerce giant Amazon Online India that inserted 0.234 million ads in the genre in 2017. Videocon Industries that had 0.160 million adinsertions in the genre stood as the third biggest advertiser. BhartiAirtel, Maruti Suzuki India, Titan Company, Google, Vini Product, Vivo Mobile India and Axis Bank were the other big advertisers in the lifestyle genre.

Advertiser Insertions
Trivago 39509
Amazon Online India 23455
Videocon Industries 16010
Bharti Airtel 14727
Maruti Suzuki 14068
Titan Conpany 13835
Google 13429
Vini Product 12509
Vivo Mobile India 10034
Axis Bank 8179


Sports genre’s biggest advertiser was Vini Product in 2017 had 0.294 million adinsertions. Samsung India Electronics became the second biggest advertiser in the sports genre in 2017 by inserting 0.221 million ad-insertions, followed by Sony Pictures Networks India that had 0.219 million Impressions. Sony Pictures had announced the rebranding of its sports channels, also renaming the Ten brand. Hindustan Lever, Maruti Suzuki India, Indya Interactive Services, e-commerce Amazon Online India, L’oreal India, Hero Motocorp and MRF Tyres were the other big advertisers on sports.

Advertiser Insertions
Vini Product 29482
Samsung India Electronics 22127
Sony Pictures Networks India 21908
Hindustan Unilever  19409
Maruti Suzuki India 17112
Indya Interactive Services 17068
Amazon Online India 11947
L'Oreal India 10595
Hero Motocorp 9243
MRF 8652

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