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Hindi movie genre saw 47 per cent growth in ad insertions in 2017

As per BARC India data, English news, English business news and English GECs were the top three biggest gainers in the viewership growth charts. Hindi GECs and lifestyle genres followed Hindi movies in the growth of number of ad insertions in 2017

The Hindi movie genre recorded the maximum growth in the number of ad insertions in 2017compared to 2016. The genre grew by 47 per cent, increasing from 3.592 million insertions in 2016 to 5.274 million in 2017, according to annual data shared by BARC India. All this data was drawn from Weeks 1-52 of 2016 and Weeks 8-52 of 2017 on a 2+ TG.

This might be because of the number of channels launched in the genre in late 2016 and one channel launched in 2017. Star Gold Select HD, a premium Hindi movie channel, was launched in 2017, which might have helped increase the number of ad spots in the genre. On the other hand, three FTA movie channels were launched – Sony Wah, Star Utsav Movies and Zee Anmol Cinema – in the second half of 2016, which would have had full impact in the 2017 numbers.

On the viewership front, the Hindi movie genre has grown by about 38 per cent from 3197.779 million average Impressions in 2016 to 4404.613 million average Impressions in 2017.

Hindi GECs were the second biggest gainers. The genre registered a growth of 12 per cent as the adinsertions in 2016 stood at 2.878 million, growing to 32.322 million in 2017. Despite its mammoth size, the viewership of the genre has grown from 5581.760 million average Impressions in 2016 to 5848.678 million average Impressions in 2017, clocking a five per cent growth. The Hindi GECs didn’t see many new launches, but the FTA channels grew immensely in 2017, posing a stern fight against the existing big daddies, the pay channels.

The lifestyle genre clocked a growth of 11 per cent in the number of adinsertions, growing from 0.478 million in 2016 to 0.533 million in 2017. The genre grew 41 per cent over the last one year in terms of viewership. It garnered 23.353 million Impressions in 2016 and 33.026 million average Impressions in 2017. The lifestyle genre has been one of the most fascinating and talked about this year, especially as rural data went on to become more stable. The genre saw a huge push for local programming as the largest player Discovery Communications entered the regional game with over 200 hours of local content. History TV18 and National Geographic had already recently taken steps towards it.

Next was Hindi news that grew by nine per cent in terms of number of adinsertions, followed by English with seven per cent and kids with six per cent growth.

The sports genre on television is the only one that has registered a negative growth of eight percent, such that the number of ad insertions in the genre fell from 0.555 million in 2016 to 0.511 million in 2017. The genre, on the other hand, showed a 30 per cent increase in its viewership numbers as it grew from 529.829 million average Impressions in 2016 to 686.933 million average Impressions in 2017.

As for the other genres on the viewership front, English news has clocked the maximum – 127 per cent growth – though it might largely be because of its small size. The launch of Republic TV and the re-launch of Magicbricks Now as Mirror Now pushed the envelope for the genre. The genre has grown from 4.575 million average Impressions in 2016 to 10.372 million average Impressions in 2017.

English business news is the second biggest gainer, registering 63 per cent increase in 2017, over 2016. The English GEC genre has also grown significantly with 62 per cent growth from 6.522 million average Impressions in 2016 to 10.558 million average Impressions.

The music genre saw a 42 per cent increase in the viewership numbers, though one major player–Bindass Play – exited the genre while another significant player, Channel V, is also rumoured to be on its way out. Hindi news grew by 25 per cent in terms of viewership, while kids grew by 23 per cent. The kids’ genre too saw a new entrant in Sony Yay, the broadcast network’s entry in the genre.

The viewership of the total TV grew by 24 per cent from 22,420.921 million Impressions in 2016 to 27,695.503 million average Impressions in 2017.

Growth in viewership
  Week 1-52 2016 Week 8-51 2017  
GENRES Average Impressions ‘000s Average Impressions ‘000s Growth/Degrowth
Total TV 2,24,20,921 2,76,95,503 24%
ENG NEWS 4,575 10,372 127%
ENG BUSS NEWS 1,544 2,516 63%
ENG GEC 6,522 10,558 62%
HINDI BUSS NEWS 5,231 8,336 59%
MUSIC 5,45,845 7,72,953 42%
Lifestyle 23,353 33,026 41%
HINDI MOVIES 31,97,779 44,04,613 38%
SPORTS 5,29,829 6,86,933 30%
YOUTH 1,23,573 1,59,714 29%
HINDI NEWS 7,32,872 9,18,559 25%
KIDS 12,67,663 15,58,274 23%
ENG MOVIES 1,01,394 1,13,987 12%
HINDI GEC 55,81,760 58,48,678 5%
Growth in ad insertions
Genre 2016 2017 Growth/Degrowth
Hindi Movies 3592167 5274525 47%
Hindi GEC 2878687 3232274 12%
Lifestyle 478549 533263 11%
Hindi News 3587751 3920848 9%
English 3132487 3347990 7%
Kids 1235350 1305834 6%
Sports 555656 511210 -8%


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