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Siyarams brings Ranveer Singh on board to appeal to the youth

Conceptualised by Makani Creatives, the ad campaign sticks to the brand’s core proposition of ‘Come home to Siyarams’ but with a completely chic and new approach

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Siyarams has roped in the current toast of the ad world Ranveer Singh as its brand ambassador. The brand has associated with Singh, a youth and fashion icon known for his sartorial fashion sense, in a bid to appeal to a younger audience.

“We are at this crossroads where we are capturing bigger markets. The whole point of the campaign was to showcase the brand in a new light. There are a lot of people who don’t identify with the brand as they prefer to opt for ready-to-wear apparel. With Ranveer Singh on board and the way that the ad film is positioned, you will see that this campaign is very different from our previous campaigns. The idea is to position the brand in a way that it resonates with the youth. We are a legacy brand, we have always been in the fashion space and we have always done things which are new and innovative. So, it was very important for us to get this campaign, at this point in time, with someone like Ranveer who talks to the youth in the language that they understand,” said Siyarams’ spokesperson.

Conceptualised by Makani Creatives, the ad campaign sticks to the brand’s core proposition of ‘Come home to Siyarams’ but has a completely chic and new approach. Siyarams has stuck with its ‘come home’ proposition for 40 years.

Commenting on how why the proposition works so well for the brand and how it works for the new campaign, the spokesperson said, “Come home to Siyarams has been our proposition for the last 40 years. It is a brand that people are comfortable with no matter what they do and where they go. All our associations, whether it is our trade partners, customers or audience, have always had an emotional connect with Siyarams. We are a traditional brand that believes in certain principles which includes ‘coming home’. Which is why this is a reflection of who we are in the market. So, even with this campaign, though the look and feel might be completely modern and the music is very modernised, at the end of the day the emotion remains the same. This new campaign talks about an actor’s journey and his home is the stage.”

The marketing mix will be 60% traditional and 40% digital. While, the spokesperson refused to share details on the marketing spend, she did mention that Siyarams will focus more on digital going forward.

“Predominantly, we were always comfortable doing traditional marketing because that is where our initial audience was and that is where our trade was. However, going forward Siyarams will be doing a lot more in the digital space,” said the spokesperson.

While Ranveer Singh makes for a very captivating brand ambassador for any brand because of the sheer energy he brings into anything, it is also true that the actor is endorsing a plethora of brands.

Explaining their choice of brand ambassador, the spokesperson said, “When we were working on the campaign we were always very clear on how to position things. Ranveer is a star who is very popular with the youth and with the older generation too. He is also quite a fashion icon himself. We also realised that he had never done something like this in the past. Ranveer in a suit is a very refreshing way to look at the garment itself.”

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