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LinkedIn introduces Dynamic Ads in Campaign Manager

It will now be easier to send personalised ads to every professional in their target audience across LinkedIn’s desktop experience

Creating personalised experiences for the target audience today is becoming more important than ever. Business decision-makers also want the buying process to be tailored to their audience. But delivering these experiences can be really difficult.

Keeping this in mind, LinkedIn has announced that LinkedIn Dynamic Ads would now be available directly in Campaign Manager. Whether a marketer runs campaigns on their own via self-service, or work with their trusted LinkedIn account team, it’s now easier than ever to send personalised ads to every professional in their target audience across LinkedIn’s desktop experience.

Dynamic Ads help build deeper relationships with the audience by automatically customising the ad creative with the publicly available information from LinkedIn member profiles. With this added visibility and scale, marketers can create more memorable experiences with the people that matter most to their businesses.

LinkedIn Marketing Solutions has now made all key formats available via self-service, making it easy for all online marketers — regardless of size — to leverage LinkedIn’s advertising tools, so they can achieve their marketing goals. Dynamic Ads is the final native ad unit to become available on a self-service basis.

Advertisers such as Procore Technologies and Vistage have used Dynamic Ads to tailor campaigns to feature their company, product, service, event and more. As a result, LinkedIn Dynamic Ads have shown up to 2X the click-through rate of traditional display ads.

With LinkedIn Dynamic Ads, a marketer can:

Get closer with their audience

The eye-catching native format delivers a new level of personalisation you can only find on LinkedIn. Because the creative is automatically personalised with each member’s profile info, such as their photo, first name, company, and job title, you can capture your audience’s attention in a way that standard display ads can’t.

Personalise creative at scale

Personalisation is now simpler than ever. Build your creative and write your ad copy once and LinkedIn takes care of the rest by automatically personalising your campaign for each person you target. You can add macros — data mapping tools — for even greater customization capabilities. Dynamic Ads also include pre-built templates to streamline your creative and auto-translation to engage your prospects, no matter what language they speak.

Achieve full funnel marketing objectives

Dynamic Ads work for every stage of the buyer’s journey with different formats to achieve your goals. To drive brand awareness, “follower ads” promote your Company or Showcase page to help you build a community. If you want to drive traffic and website conversions, use “spotlight ads” to highlight a product, service or event.

What’s more, for the first time, you can see how your campaigns are performing and leverage A/B testing to optimise your Dynamic Ads campaigns directly in Campaign Manager.

Dynamic Ads will be available in Campaign Manager for all businesses within the next week.

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