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Epic’s new shows to focus on Indian history and wildlife

The channel has announced the launch of two new shows, ‘Wilderness Days’ and ‘Kissa Currency Ka’, on September 7 and 5

Epic, a Hindi infotainment channel, has announced the launch of two new series ‘Wilderness Days’, based on India’s diverse and rich wildlife, and ‘Kissa Currency Ka’, which  explores the coins minted by kings and empires in India’s long history.

Premiering on September 5, Kissa Currency Ka is a 13-episode animated mini-series that explores Indian currency and its evolution over 2,000 years. Through the coins and currency minted by various sovereigns that ruled several kingdoms of the Indian subcontinent across the ages, Kissa Currency Ka explores the system of money and monetary transaction, while telling stories and interesting factoids of the life and times of kingdoms and empires.

Launching on September 7, Wilderness Days has been shot in India’s greatest wildlife landmarks, including Corbett Tiger Reserve, Rajaji National Park, Pauri, Valley of Flowers, Choti Haldwani, Kanha National Park, Bandhavgarh National Park, Mandu and Ranthambore National Park to name a few.

The 26-episode series will give viewers exclusive inside access to these breath-taking locales and tell stories of animals, nature and human interaction with the wild, in an incredible journey through the country’s treasured wildlife reserves and sanctuaries. The show is hosted by veteran actor, the late Tom Alter. The show was shot sometime last year and is being launched only now.

Akul Tripathi, Programming Head, Epic Channel, said, “At Epic, we are constantly looking to diversify the genre and presentation of our content while striving to tell stories in the most engaging and appealing way possible. We have had a slew of successful shows across a variety of genres and by adding more variety in content, treatment and visuals we are looking at consolidating our hold on the infotainment space.”

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