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With Indira IVF, Blush tells women how being a mother is a choice

This new video dispels myths surrounding IVF treatment through a candid dialogue

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Indira IVF, in collaboration with Culture Machine‚Äôs digital channel ‚ÄėBlush‚Äô, released a video titled¬†‚ÄėThe Choice‚Äô, as a part of Blush's on-going¬†Mothers¬†and¬†Daughters¬†series.

The video mirrors the dilemma every woman faces after getting married; those unwanted comments from neighbours and aunts are also a part of the package post-marriage. However, becoming a mother should always be a matter of choice. Indira IVF empowers women to exercise this choice even at a later stage in life.


Explaining the idea behind the video, Blush said,¬†‚ÄúThe purpose is to raise awareness among women on alternative choices that modern-day technology has made available,¬†IVF¬†being one of them.¬†The idea is to encourage women to explore non-traditional choices with ease, and bravely discover them sans prejudice and inhibitions.‚ÄĚ

Adoption is never considered an option and women, who choose alternatives to become a mother, are often ostracised from the society. The video shows a candid dialogue between a daughter and mother, exploring and accepting these once unavailable options.


Nitiz Murdia, Marketing Director, Indira¬†IVF,¬†said,¬†‚ÄúIn India, childbearing is the¬†primary goal¬†of marriage, and women are¬†expected¬†to begin having children shortly after they‚Äôve married. Oblivious of¬†scientific methods, these women experience immense stress, eventually leading to an emotional breakdown and physical suffering.¬†Through our association with Blush, we aim to dispel myths surrounding¬†IVF¬†treatment and educate those women who have decided and have made the choice to experience the joy of motherhood.‚ÄĚ

The TVC: 


Produced: Culture Machine Media

Directed: Adhiraj Bose

Content Head: Jigar Fernandes

Director of Photography: Akshay Singh

Original Music and Sound Design: Ankur Shirvastava

Art Direction: The Addictionary

Creative Producer: Hemambika

KT Production Head: Vinay Iyer


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