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FYI TV 18’s new show brings kids the birthday cake of their choice

The new show, ‘Best Cake Wins’, features expert bakers who bring alive the most vivid designs of birthday cakes

Baking a birthday cake for kids can be a real task as their demands and imagination have no bounds. FYI TV 18 has brought alive some of the wildest imaginations of kids in the form of the best cakes ever made with its new show, ‘Best Cake Wins’, that premiered on June 21, and will be telecast every Thursday-Friday at 9 pm.

The show features expert bakers who are tested to their limit as they create complex and intricate designs of birthday cakes and are judged by their toughest critics, ‘kids’. The experts design a confectionary delight based on a child’s own colorful drawing and compete to make the best cakes to charm his/her way to the child’s heart.


The show narrates the stories of parents, who desire nothing, but to present the birthday cake of their child’s dreams. This fun and friendly baking competition series captures two cake-makers battle in an attempt to make one child's most awesome birthday cake imaginable, a reality.

Unlike any other cooking competition, it will not be the experts or the preferred perfections of a rational mind, but the innocence and light-heartedness of kids who will judge the chef's effort. After all, they are challenged to create a replica of cartoon characters or recreate a fictional universe, all in the form of delicious edible cakes.


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