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Lufthansa presents a new, modernised brand image

Lufthansa has officially presented a Boeing 747-8 and an Airbus A321 with the new design at the Frankfurt and Munich hubs. After 30 years, Lufthansa fleet receives a new livery

Lufthansa revealed its new, modernised brand image at two major events at the Frankfurt and Munich hubs on February 7. The most visible change is the new aircraft livery.

In front of over 3,000 guests at both the events, Lufthansa officially presented a Boeing 747-8 and an Airbus A321 with the new design. In the previous week, individual details created interactive discussions, especially on social media. The response to the new appearance was positive, although some people missed the traditional yellow tone. Nevertheless, it will receive a specific function to serve as a means of orientation and differentiation. The colour will be found in the future on every boarding pass and at every Lufthansa counter at the airport among other things.

“Lufthansa has changed and is more modern and successful than ever. From now on, this will also be visible to the public through a new design,” said Carsten Spohr, Chairman of the Executive Board of Deutsche Lufthansa AG

“The crane has always been with us and clearly stands for the promising performance from Lufthansa. To this day, it still stands as a symbol of highest quality, excellent service, flying expertise, reliability, innovative spirit; and it stands for trust,” Spohr added.

The group invests two billion euros a year in new, fuel-efficient aircraft. The premium on board and ground services meets individual customer requirements.

Lufthansa was awarded the Platinum Award by the International Air Transport Association IATA for its new digital services and was the only and first airline in Europe to be awarded the 5th star by Skytrax. A new business class was introduced with the new Boeing 777-9 in two years.

On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the crane, every detail of the design was reworked. The new Lufthansa appearance gives the individual elements a new, modern quality to sharpen its impact.

Heritage meets the future

“The modernisation of Lufthansa is only possible thanks to the commitment of our employees, who are the best in the industry. They are the actual face of the brand,” said Spohr.

The crane, designed exactly 100 years ago by graphic artist Otto Firle, a distinctive icon in the sky, remains the airline's iconic symbol. In the future, it will be slimmer and fit for the digital world. The familiar blue-yellow color combination of Lufthansa will also be retained – but the use of these primary colours will be redefined. The blue specially developed for Lufthansa is somewhat darker, more elegant and is becoming the leading brand color. It stands for reliability, clarity and value.

After 30 years, Lufthansa's aircraft are gradually being given a new livery. The design was developed in a complex process with experts. After intensive preliminary studies, more than 800 designs and own colour developments in the laboratory, the new aircraft design was completed. The blue color of the livery will dominate the sky and the world's airports for the next few decades.

In the cabin, guests will encounter the modernised design within the crew's uniform in the form of new and often yellow accessories. On-board articles such as tableware, amenity kits, blankets or pillowcases will carry the new design in future. Around 160 million items will be exchanged over the next two years. In addition to optimising the crane for new technical requirements, Lufthansa has developed its own typeface, which is particularly easy to read on mobile devices or Smartwatches.

New brand campaign

The launch of the new Lufthansa brand launch marks the start of the new #SayYesToTheWorld brand campaign. It questions familiar ways of thinking and habits. Lufthansa opens up the world to all explorers.

New design also for the Lufthansa Group

The Lufthansa Group's brand image has also been modernised. The new logo no longer bears the crane and is written completely in capital letters. This will take into account the great variety of brands in the group, offering optical neutrality for all companies. The newly developed Lufthansa Corporate typeface is timeless and independent. The use of capitals is a characteristic of the new group design. The new Lufthansa blue is the Lufthansa Group's main colour. White ensures lightness and an independent appearance. Yellow complements the color palette.

Spohr concluded, “We are the proud drivers of globalisation and are honoured to bring this abstract concept to life! All this drives us forward and makes our work so valuable and fulfilling.”

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